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    Posted August 26, 2014 by
    Greensboro, North Carolina
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    The death of a human race

    On Michael Brown's Funeral: It's hard for me attend funerals especially one that are from someone's senseless behavior (The Police). I can relate to what the Brown family is going through. Even though the death of my brother was from the hands of a different color the system, their court system spared the man’s life who murdered my brother. The Wright family heart goes out to your family and any other family who lost a love one to a system and the people who is part of a system that lets them get away with murder. Our police are fast becoming a fascist party. A group of fools who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.      You have to admit over the years by the pictures and videos we see you cannot argue that Blacks, Whites, Spanish and Orientals are going through the same thing from the same group of people ALL OVER THE WORLD. The question is when will people get tired of this thug/bully mentality and start defending themselves against those who are seeing themselves as dictators. When you can go to website that police own and read some the comments they write we should be even more afraid of those who are suppose to protect us. I feel sorry for all these dirty cops kids who is caught in the middle of this bull crap. They will be victims of retaliation whether it's physical, mental or vocal. I cannot believe these people can sit in front of their kids and talk them into believing what they have done is fair and equal justice. Why should I be afraid of ISIS when our police are my biggest threat right now? I’m sure once they see the conditions the most of us live in they will shake their heads and say damn, damn, damn. Let me repeat something from an earlier post. We preach about a democratic society that is supposed to be fair and just but when people see our law enforcement murdering young people they have a right to question our policies as a Nation. Let’s stop saying we're not Syria, Iran or IsIs because in all reality we're no different in my eyes because we have became a police state. Anytime you can be pulled over, frisked, beaten, shot and then be charged with resisting arrest you tell me I'm wrong. You cannot change the stripes on a zebra so why is America trying to change other countries way of thinking, but refuses to change their own.
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