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    Posted August 26, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Trapped on a Merry-Go-Round


    Tuesday,  August 26, 2014: Seems I am trapped on a merry-go-round and can't get  off. I may jump clear and next thing I know I am back on the spinning  ride to nowhere.

    This  Friday, August 22, I was released from rehab to go home. With  anticipation and peace-of-mind, I settled back into my own recliner and  slipping over into my computer chair and my own computer to use.

    That was Friday.

    I  was able to eat some cottage cheese, some pineapple, some puddings  without incident following the swallowing procedure I had been given.  All seemed to be going well.

    On  Saturday, I could barely eat one pudding cup. In fact, I did not finish  the cup. Later in the day I did manage after several hours to drink a  protein shake made with Ensure Strawberry with vanilla ice cream mixed  in for a great taste.

    By  Sunday, I was unable to drink a half glass of water. From 8 a.m. to 1  p.m. I had managed less than half of a half a glass. My lips were  parched. I had not been able to eat or swallow easily the past two days.

    I was scared.

    Contacted  Mom to stop by and be there. Not expecting her to be able to do  anything. I also had Iohn contact my home healthcare nurse.

    Unexpectedly, my brother Phil showed up to visit. Later on my sister Leticia stopped by as well.

    The  nurse arrived and did an assessment. I was definitely dehydrating and  was not getting nourishment. The swallowing concern was worse. She  contacted my primary care physician, Dr. Richard Butler.

    After  consultation, I chose the best option was to go to the emergency room.  My nurse called the ER and made arrangements. Iohn then took me to  Regional Hospital which was awaiting my arrival.

    A  chest x-ray, infusion of a liter of saline solution and a CT-Scan of my  throat and hours later, I was admitted back upstairs and once more to  the fifth floor. I had left the floor for Westminster Village on Friday,  August 15.

    Monday,  the staff added a nutritional IV as well as the saline IV. So now with  not being able to swallow, I am being fed and thirst quenched by  intravenous tubes. There is still the possibility I may be going home  with a PEG tube or feeding tube through my stomach. Or I could be sent  home with the IVs in place to be administered by home healthcare.

    Received  surprise phone calls from Kev in Texas and Dave in Indianapolis,  Monday. It was really good to hear from both of my sons. My Dad also  dropped in for a moment or two to check on me.

    I  had been scheduled for a follow-up and biopsy of my larynyx with Dr.  Fred Drake, an ENT specialist, on September 8. My condition, however, is  worsening. Dr. Drake is on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Dr.  Martin Roseff is the ENT filling in for him.

    Dr.  Roseff came to follow-up and surmise my situation on Monday. I am now  scheduled for the biopsy and laryngscopy on Wednesday around noon. It  may take up until Friday to know the results of the biopsy.

    A  decision on the PEG tube is on hold until after the biopsy result is  returned. If the biopsy reveals cancer, immediate radiation treatment  will begin. Dr. Roseff did indicate the prognosis with radiation for me  is highly good.

    So on this humid Tuesday morning, I sit once more in the hospital.

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