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    Posted August 25, 2014 by
    Ferguson, Missouri
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    Monday evening, August 25th, I journeyed down Canfield Street in Ferguson and visited the Mike Brown Shrine. I placed a pack of peace seeds on the shrine and then proceeded to talk with other people in the area. I told people a bit about the "Weed Out Hate" initiative and one guy even helped me with a "weed out hate" demonstration.


    I proceeded then to give my vision as to how children all around the world could help attain that same Promised Land vision that drove Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to greatness:


    " Just imagine the possibilities…if children from all over the world would each extract a symbolic weed of hatred and replenish it with a seed of peace! Together, we would cultivate our Promised Land vision for bearing the ultimate fruit that connects with God, Nature, and each other. We would treat each other as we would like to be treated, rooting out hate and evil and planting love and respect in our hearts and in our gardens. Then, we could experience the ultimate blossoms of freedom. Let us weed out hate. Let us sow seeds of peace. And let freedom ring"



    Most people loved the idea. There were a few people watching me who were hostile to what I was doing. I had not seen this kind of anger since I had been visiting the Ferguson area up to this time. In retrospect, this was probably to be expected. This was one of the primary motivations for me visiting this spot at this time. To transform Malcom-X rhetoric into that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


    This experience ran in sharp contrast to what I experienced earlier that afternoon. , I spoke with the coordinator of the Old Ferguson West Community Garden.  I was surprised to learned that the demograhics of the community gardeners was opposite the actual Ferguson population.... about 2/3 White 1/3 African American.  One would expect the opposite, given the ability to grow your own vegetables at a fraction of the cost. This also fits in with First Lady Obama's family kitchen garden concept. The coordinator told me that she involves the local schools to participate and that his is a great social leveler. In my opinion, churches could also benefit by establishing their own plots in these kind of community gardens.



    There is still a lot of energy and rage in Ferguson.  A lot of noise has been made to create a movement to make changes.  In my opnion, this change must occur at the grassroots level and not with the politicians, police, and policitians.  They can help and support the populus but the impulse needs to come from individual groups such as the community gardening associations.  Here is the secret for weeding out the hatred in our collective consciousness.



    Sometimes the media has a tendency to make the solutions appear more complicated than they really need to be. For me, the solutions to healing Ferguson and the racial scism in the rest of the country are literally at hand and can be written on the back of of pack of flower seeds. But what else would you expect by illuminating the Christian rhetoric of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the deepest roots of the Jewish Kabbalah...



    1. Go to Shrine 2. Find a willing partner. 3. Clasp onto and root out symbolic weed of hatred together. Pray for all of the hearts and souls of Ferguson to be cleansed. 4. Carefully plant sunflowers seeds of peace in hole. Backfill soil and water. 5. Ask MO. Gov. Jay Nixon to issue a statewide weed out hate proclamation,, in which every child would be encouraged to root out a symbolic weed of hatred.. 6. CNN's Don Lemon to Cover the Story to the World 7  Wait for Blossoms of Freedom to Germinate and begin to Occupy the Dream in our Hearts and in our Gardens.


    It is not without precident that the media has participated in brokering peace. Walter Cronkite did this with Begin and Sadat.  CNN is now in a position to help us all weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace.

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