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  • Posted August 26, 2014 by
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif should resign for 30 days

    Being trustworthy to your country is something that many aim for but few achieve in full measure. In a nation where we are struggling to put the plug back into the socket of economic stability by making the citizens realize that this country is everything and without having a stable homeland we are nowhere - In all of this Imran Khan was quite unfair in announcing the “civil narfarmani tehreek” (civil disobedience campaign) to the masses in Pakistan.

    Imran Khan while making a mistake over mistake in these past days has come to some rational conclusion and a way out - which I think is fair in asking from the government camp. PTI's demand for Nawaz Shairf to resign for 30 days while the tribunal completes the investigation into allegation is something not out of the line.

    This is one thing where I see eye to eye with Imran Khan, because whoever is being investigated stays suspended until proven or unproven charges. If your son is being interviewed and you are in the panel then you step out of the room. If your appraisal is being discussed then you leave the boardroom until the discussion finishes. PM's resignation connects to logic here.

    If suppose charges are proven and then Nawaz Sharif has to resign, it will be a big blow to his political career, and no face saving. At least by this 30 day period he can later say that the investigation was rigged, instead of this proclamation coming from PTI.

    However this is not to support the style of street government Imran Khan is trying to set because that leads to nothing but chaos and for a common man builds a distrust into the state institutions. Already we are killing a lot of people in the name of honor; we really can’t afford to take a life over GST and a gas bill.

    Let's just finish this public humiliation of each other and bounce back and set example right at the top that country comes in preceding egos; otherwise we are painting the whole nation in a bad light in front of international communities, who are already questioning our principles.
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