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    Marques Robinson Rocks The Forum

    We gave solo artist Marques Robinson a few questions to answer and here is what the 19 year old had to say:

    What bands and life experiences have influenced your songs the most? 

    Led Zeppelin has always been an influence on my music because that is what I started out playing. Life though, hasn’t quite had as much of an influence on my music as one would think. I am still more or less growing up and gaining new experiences daily; my music is more of an in the moment type of experience... at least for right now. As I grow and mature as a musician, and as a person, it will be interesting to see if my life plays more of a predominate roll in my music.

    How do the lyrics and melodies of your creations come to you? 

    I just love music and I love expanding upon different ideas. I generally start with a simple riff or phrase that has the general feel of what I’m trying to get across. Then I begin to embellish on it by adding different tones or different rhythms until it fits and the entire phrase of music that I am working on makes the most sense.

    Are your friends and family supportive of your music? 

    I could not ask for a more supportive family and friends. Any time I have something to show them they are always open to listening and giving feedback. That is really what I need, a group of people I can fall back on and be completely open with because after spending hours in the studio working, you can almost loose sight of what your working on. A good support group keeps you in the right line of sight.

    What genre would you classify yourself as? 

    I would have to classify myself as a fusion of classic and modern rock. There are elements of all music, within my music, and I think that is where people can really connect with it. One person might hear one of my songs and think one thing, while someone right beside them hearing the same thing will think something completely different; and thats a truly beautiful thing.

    Are you self-taught in your music or have you taken lessons? 

    As far as any stringed instrument and piano goes I am strictly self taught. I have spent many days just hammering away at learning how to play. But in high school I was in the band and I had to take lessons on the french horn which has really helped with my brass playing. 

    How long does it take you to write a song on average? 

    During the recording for this album “Remains Of Us” I probably spent about a week on a song to get all the parts right. But here recently I have been writing some new material which I have been knocking out in 2 or 3 days which is just insane to me!

    What image do you think your music conveys?

    To myself, it’s a vision of wonder and curiosity, with this album I am truly testing my abilities and more or less beginning to draw the lines of which will become my comfort zone; that adds an interesting aspect to the music itself. It’s really just a playground out there and I am just getting my feet wet. 

    What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

    I would have to say that its all about putting yourself and your music out there for people so see and experience. You have to get out of the garage and into the world if you want to be successful. How you go about doing that is up to you, but every time you play one of your songs for someone and they really appreciate it and understand what your doing... thats when you really start to grow.

    What is the importance of the connections you make? How can you utilize them?

    Connections are what make and break a career especially in this field. I am still starting out from scratch so the connections I make now are absolutely vital to the success of my project. I generally try to utilize my connections to either gain more fans and appreciation for the source of my project (the music) or I try to use the connections I make to gain further connections until hopefully one day I will have blossomed into a tree of connections!

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