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    Fwd: ISIS beheading children and women (after stripping naked) - graphic


    From the advent of Islam, it is the brutality that was used to conquer.   Will Durant and other authors have translated Arabs own memoirs on how the Islamic invaders have destroyed cultures and swathes of land with utmost brutality and inhumanity with mountains of Kafir's heads and rivers of blood.  Durant quotes how a Sultan of Delhi becomes restless if he does not see mountains of Kafir's heads every day morning.  Steven Knapp quotes Arab memoirs of literally rivers of blood and the number of men and women sold in Arab markets as slaves (women as sex slaves).  But what is more important is not who did it, but what drives them to do it.   That is the point lost in the struggle between Muslims and other communities.  A Muslim child is raised with Koranic verses such as below from childhood and Prophet is the model.  What does child assimilate when he was told the hate speech such as a Kafir is same as Urine, Feces, Semen, Dead Body, Blood, Dog, Pig, sweat of an animal who eats impure (najis) and alcoholic beverages.   This is recited as sacred verse.   When people say that is a matter of interpretation, how much is there to interpret here and Mosques themselves are not making it a secret. In the pictures below, when you see ISIS slaughtering a Christian Kid or stripping a Christian woman naked and beheading her,  they are doing what is preached, that a Kafir is same as animal that can be slaughtered.  Just watch how an animal is slaughtered and how a Kafir is.  In fact, a Saudi Wahaabi cleric in this link gives a lesson on proper way of beheading ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHt-eqrLEOY  ).     There is a Hindu Kush (Hindu slaughter) mountains in now Afghanistan and Pakistan region where just on one day they headed 100,000 Hindus.  But that is history and why we worry.  Because it is repeating again and again and we live in our own world, rather not see to it.  On Direct Action Day in 1946 hundreds of thousands were slaughtered that  resulted in one million people killed and many beheaded and paraded in the streets like today.   Most of the reduction of Hindus/Sikhs from 25% to 1.8% in Pakistan happened in the first few months.  This is not to say there were no retaliations and in places like Calcutta Muslims were slaughtered after Hindus realized they could go to East Pakistan if they kept quiet.   In Bangla Desh ongoing genocide that reduced Hindus from 30% to 10%, Mosques encourage rape of Hindu Kafir women with words like Hindu women pubic hair smells very pleasant.  Love Jihad, where Mosques encourage Muslim boys to seduce and marry Kafir girls is rampant not just in India but also in UK (BBC has a series on it).    The boys task is to marry, produce children and move on to another girl.    In 1989, Mosques blared in Kashmir asking Hindu men to leave a

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