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    Avon Park, Florida
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    The State of Florida Primary Elections & Black Sub servitude

    The State of Florida Primary Elections & Black Sub servitude

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    What I predict is going to happen today in Highlands County and perhaps Florida statewide, is we are about to have a very low turnout among blacks, for our midterm primary elections. For the simple reason it was not properly advertised to the people of the community or state and the current condition of the black community. I just realize this two days ago, while researching Al Joe Hinson who is running for the School Board District one and that I need to vote today.

    I will vote for Al Hinson today, but as a CEO of a 501c 3 public charity, I cannot endorse him. But I know in my heart the problem with Ferguson City is similar to Avon Park but even worst here, except we are not the majority of the city's population, but a clear minority. If the similar problem happened here, we would not have the numbers they produced in protest.

    We have no black's on our County School Board (see for yourself) and therefore have no say concerning the curriculum taught to our children in our schools. In Ferguson City the schools are losing their accreditation it is that bad. Don't think it cannot happen here. We have only one black on the City Council and under Sheriff Susan Benton we have no blacks cops or at least I haven't seen one to include the Court officers.. Since being here for 5 years, I never saw any blacks in Avon Park or Highlands County Law enforcement, other than state employees at the correctional facility APCI.

    Yet Ferguson City is 65% black and basically 35% white but we are a little more diverse, we have 97,616 people in Highlands County and 69.3% white, 10.4 % black, which is below the national average and the state average and 18% Hispanics and others. While they consider Hispanics white, whereby the same Confederacy that once claimed one drop of blood makes you black and Hispanics are people of color, changed their position for police power and the Hispanic vote, who is also excluded in the governance and municipality of Avon Park and Highlands County.

    With a total of 60,208 registered voters in Highlands County, Florida, whereby the total population is about 100,000 which include children and the disenfranchised adults due to felony convictions, these levels of register voter are extraordinary. However, the reason for this was to elect and reelect President Barack Obama into office. Our work by doing this actually only just begun. The real issue is overcoming the system of State Rights, inborn by the Confederates after the Civil War!

    In many Southern States, where they were once the Confederacy States, after the Civil War, what people fail to realize is the South of Confederacy won that war, because the issue was State rights and not the emancipation of Africans in America. Once Abraham Lincoln was whacked and President and Andrew Jackson became President, they couldn't pass any legislation that was to help emancipate black people and the 14 Amendment which was really designed to reintegrate the Southern Whites into the Union, was done only because of an override of another one of President Andrew Jackson's vetoes. No the fact! We are still slaves and the facts at the end of this article proves it.

    Therefore, if we do not practice politics in a highly coordinated and sophisticated manner, we will remain in the current condition we are in, with poor performing schools, repressive ordinances barring economic growth in black communities, slum areas and drug infestation in our communities, high illiteracy among our young adult population, an under documented AIDS pandemic, they are lying about how many people here got AIDS and the list goes on. Yet we are on some of the world's most valued prime real estate, making us mere cattle to be slaughtered by the pioneers who see this as a great investment and opportunity to journey to here for a permanent home.

    For full version of Sales Tax Continuation Referendum click this link

    Primary Ballot for Republicans in Highlands County:

    Primary Ballot for Democrats in Highlands County:

    I am willing to bet, the turnout will be under 20% today or less than 12,000 voters. Yet I do not gamble for money. So if I am right, lets start preparing our people for 4 November 2014

    Florida Crime & Political Facts:

    • In January 2014, the Florida Department of Corrections housed 100,445 inmates in its 55 state prisons (including seven private prisons), and supervised almost 146,000 active offenders on community supervision at over 150 probation offices throughout the state.

    • The Department employs approximately 22,400 employees, the majority of whom are Correctional Officers or Correctional Probation Officers.

    • Florida’s recidivism rate has dropped to 27.6%, which means almost one of every three inmates released from a Florida prison returns to prison in Florida within three years. (This does not include the number of inmates who return to county jails, federal prisons or prisons in other states.)
    • Highlands County Detention maintains an average of 400 inmates
    • In Florida, 1 in 4 blacks of voting age cannot vote because of felony conviction
    • Florida leads the nation in disenfranchising felons, especially African Americans. In 2010, about 520,500 African Americans, which is 23 percent of the state’s black voting age population — could not vote because of a felony conviction.
    • About one out of every 37 blacks in Florida is living in a prison, jail or detention facility, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Tuesday.
    • Blacks make up 48 percent of all Florida inmates -- far exceeding their 15.5 percent share of the state's population.
    • Total Incarcerated, Prison and Jail. 165,550
    • Prison Population. 101,930
    • Jail Population. 63,930
    • Probation. 244,686
    • Parole. 4,203
    • White imprisonment rate. 588 per 100,000
    • Black imprisonment rate. 2,616 per 100,000
    • Black-white ratio is 4.4:1
    • Florida ranks 3rd in the nation in the number of persons living with AIDS.
    • Florida ranks 2nd in the nation in the number of pediatric AIDS cases.
    • In the U. S., 74% of all AIDS cases are among men having sex with men
    I can go on and on, but the point being made is black people have it really bad here in Avon Park, Highlands County and in all the whole State of Florida. So please bring the focus back home. While we are being feed constant news updates on Ferguson City, with play by play coverage over on person being killed, when only 10% of the whole city votes, which is 65% black? There solution is simple, just get off you asses and vote them racist out of power. But our problem will require a lot of unity, because we are way out numbered and word off. Think about it in Ferguson City we 65% blacks and about 80% black arrests, here we have about 10% blacks, blacks is about 78% of the prison and jail population.

    My main request to President Barack Obama was to research just how many Ferguson Cities are in the nation. This is really a state rights issue and its abuses to carryout white supremacy policies to keep black people oppressed.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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