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    Salt Lake City, Utah
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    The TRUTH About LABOR DAY: It's Another Day for Sales


    Labor Unions Were Once the Bedrock of The American Working Class. Unions Fought Capitalists to Give Workers a Competitive Edge Known as Collective Bargaining. To a Great Extent, Unions Were Responsible for Creating and Maintaining America's Middle Class. Workers All Over the World Still Enjoy the Benefits of Strong Unions While in America, Unions Saw their Demise Which Led to the Decimation of the Power of the American Worker and Middle Class. According to Basic Economic Theory: CAPITAL BEAT LABOR.


    Strike Against Pullman Palace Car Company Paralyzed Railroads in 1894

    President Grover Cleveland ordered federal troops to crush the strike and dozens were killed in violent clashes. The strike was an intensely bitter battle between workers and company management, as well as between two major characters, George Pullman, owner of company making railroad passenger cars, and Eugene V. Debs, leader of the American Railway Union.


    Capitalists Can Be Communists Too. There is No Vail Between the Two. Only POWER. On a True Spectrum, "A Move Far and Hard Enough to the Right, Results in a Position on the Left." The Reverse is Also True. In the early 1880s, as his company prospered and his factories grew, George Pullman began planning a town to house his workers. The community of Pullman, Illinois, was created according to his vision on the prairie on the outskirts of Chicago. In the new town of Pullman, a grid of streets surrounded the factory. There were row houses for workers, and foremen and engineers lived in larger houses. The town also had banks, a hotel, and a church. All were owned by Pullman's company. Was Pullman's Vision Capitalism, Communism or Both?


    Isms and Skizims Are Created to Keep People Divided, Capitalism and Socialism Are Terms Which Still Can Engender Passions in American Political Debate, Much Like Republicanism and Democratic-ism. Neither Have a Lock on PATRIOTISM. The American Elite Controls Both. The Use of Media in America is Unparalleled. Instead of the Made in America Label, There is MADE IN HOLLYWOOD Label.


    Slick, Polished, Propaganda Was Used by Both Sides During the Cold War Era to Convince the People on the Respective Sides of the Divide that The People on the Other Side Were Evil. Today, It's Hard to Distinguish the REAL EVIL EMPIRES. They Can Be Corporations Masquerading as Governments. When the PEOPLE Have POWER, Governments and Corporations Become Nervous. Isn’t It Ironic that the Only Strong Labor Unions in America, Represent Government Workers – Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Teachers, Federal, State and Municipal Servants, etc? Meanwhile, What Happened to the Steel, Auto and Factory Workers Unions? LISTEN UP AMERICA! WAKE UP. There Are No PEOPLE’S Union. The Media and Courts Were Used to Discredit Private Sector Unions Out of Existence. Only About 11% of the American Workforce is Unionized.


    There is More to Unionization than Collective Bargaining to Achieve Wages. One of the Major Benefits is PROTECTION. One of the Complaints of Management Against Factory Workers Was that They Could Not Discipline Errant Workers Because the Union Might Take Industrial Action. Today, The Same Problem Persist in the Public Sector. What Percentage of Public Employees Are Ever Fired for Misconduct, Inefficiency or Abuse of the Public? It’s Simple, Union Members Pay Their Dues and They Are Entitled to PROTECTION. That is Their Right. It is Part of Their Barging that the Public Should Not Begrudge.


    The Solution is to Join a More POWERFUL Movement of The PEOPLE that Will Demand and Command Accountability. National Liberty Alliance is One Such Organization. People in Every State and County Across America Are United to SPREAD The TRUTH and EMPOWER THE PEOPLE to HOLD THE SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE. Your Freedom is Your Responsibility. Join the National Liberty Alliance and Get the PROTECTION You Deserve and Need. The Choice is Yours to Be FREE or Be a SLAVE.


    You Are invited to the Weekly Town Hall Telephone Conferences in Each State on Wednesday Nights. The National Liberty Alliance-Utah Meeting is Held on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. MST


    Conference Access Number: 1-567-704-0656 Passcode: 849482#




    Ozwald Balfour aka Mr. Agitation is Editor-in-Chief of ViralPress-The Diverse News & Information Network. Balfour Earned a Degree in International Communications –Media and International Politics from the University of Utah (1984). His Experience Includes Print, Radio and Television News Gathering specializing in Stories on Entrepreneurship, Government, Broadcast, and Entertainment throughout the United States as well as Abroad. Balfour Pioneered the Writing Style which Utilizes Capitalization to Emphasize the Obvious. His Articles Often go Viral on CNN iReport, the Examiner and other On-Line Portals









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