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    Posted August 26, 2014 by
    Saint-Hubert, Quebec

    Is it worth for entrepreneurs to have a Social Media presence? Read what Social Media specialist Carele Belanger has to say

    I regularly get asked if it is better to have a website online before creating social network profiles. My answer is always no. Waiting would delay your business take off.

    For sure, having a website is a must, however having a blog and a newsletter are essential. In general, when your website gets on Google, it will not appear on the first page on the first month. In some cases, it might take months. Statistics show that a majority of people look up the first eight results on Google when they search a specific topic.

    This is why Social Media is so important and has to be taken seriously. With Social Media, you can reach thousands of people in your niche, and ensure they learn about you, as you learn about them. This way, you will gain credibility.

    When you open up your social media accounts, the first thing to do is to fill your profiles in a way to make sure your target customers find you quickly and easily. Unfortunately, there are still a majority of entrepreneur profiles that are missing lots of key elements that would ensure their target, and potential customers to quickly find them and start to be interested in learning about what they do.

    Every entrepreneur wants to quickly succeed on Social Media. After a few months, with some key elements missing, discouragement sets in, waste of time accumulates and no result occurs. All this becomes costly to entrepreneurs. Hiring a social media specialist from the start to establish their presence on Social Media, would have proven more efficient and would have brought more tangible results.

    It is important to remember that now millions of people sell on the web. Millions of entrepreneurs are also present on social medias. So if people find your website on the search engine, why would they buy from you? This is where social networks come in. They are a place to share tips, opinions, participate to groups, allow people to get to know you better and develop the trust between you and your future customers. They are not a place to constantly post about your products and services. % 85 of my own customers come from social networks and yet, you rarely see me advertising my products and services. I share a lot and interact with people, establishing a relationship behind the web where trust and credibility grow. They come to me because my profiles are strategically built and also because of my daily postings: constancy is the key. My profiles and some of my posts are found on Google.

    Once established on Social Media, here are the three golden rules to get better results:

    1- Being constant:
    Publish new posts every day. Too often entrepreneurs do it daily during the first month, and because they do not see immediate results, they stop posting or delay their posts. It is imperative to be consistent. You want people to see your name everywhere. Remember that each time you stop for a few days, you will have to start over again!

    2- Engage in conversation:
    For people to get to know you better and for you to get to know new people, it is important to also engage in conversation with potential customers by leaving sincere comments on their posts. This way you will learn about them and they will learn about you.

    3- Be patient:
    Building solid relationships takes time. Tell yourself there are lots of people offering the same product or service as you do on the web. By being patient and taking the time to build solid relationships, your potential customers will learn about you and come to trust you.

    In conclusion, by first establishing a solid presence and making sure your profiles are well built, then by applying the three golden rules, you will quickly see changes in your business and get great results. If all this seems complicated to you, I highly recommend that you use the services of a social media specialist. You will save time, money and get better results.
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