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    Avon Park, Florida
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    The Vision of the National Community Network, INC.

    The Vision of the National Community Network, INC.

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    Website: TheNationalCommunityNetwork.org
    We at the National Community Network, INC., has advanced a challenging and agenda, beginning on 1 November 2014, with a basic operating budget of about $1.4M. My actual expectation for our fiscal year {Nov. 1st 2014 to Oct.31st 2015} can exceed $3M easily, while creating long term funding resources by obtain royalties and copyright ownership, through our Recording studio program.

    We specifically designed our organization to assist in the redevelopment of the CRA designated areas in Avon Park and other areas such as public housing residents.

    1: One of the things plan to do, is solicit $250,000 for the USDA to help pay peoples utilities.

    2:We plan to petition the City under the Avon Park CRA regulations to enforce the law of eminent domain, to build us a public parking lot in the Southside Redevelopment Area. With the understanding that all of these lots vacant and blight and many of the owners, have lien on their property and cannot do anything but pay their taxes and keep the property clean to prevent further penalties, makes our solution and blessing to all.

    A) Those without a lien sell their lots for twice it value to the City under eminent domain.

    B) Those who have lien sell their lots to our organization at face value and therefore the lien will not follow the property. Then we will sell these properties to the city for twice the face value and everyone gains. This will pave the way along with CDBG grant awarded to South Delaney Avenue fund for $700,000 on its way, redevelop the business district, with new road, communications lines being buried and flooding problem eliminated. Our community will be in the embryonic stages of a needed face left.

    C) If the Florida Medical Marijuana Amendment passes on 4 November 2014, we want the City Council of Avon Park and CRA to comment to building this parking lot as suggested above.

    We plan to petition the City of Avon Park, to direct at least 50% of the tax revenues gained through the legalization of medical marijuana. To redevelop CRA designated areas. Or simply request $150,000 municipal bond for the redevelopment of our SRA areas

    D) We will advance and educated our community on the new marijuana laws in Florida, helping them get medical marijuana licenses. Though we feel everyone who had to live in the Ghetto qualifies for medical marijuana, but our concern is that we do not want this to an excuse to disarm the black community, by placing psychiatric profiles upon our youth, in exchange for discrimination of marijuana under this new law. Meaning if you do not have a psychiatric profile of felony conviction, do not under any circumstances get a license for anything that will bar you from you right to bear arms.

    E) We will solicit as many local grant as possible, for food type donations, to feed the hungry.

    F) We are in negotiations to open a soup kitchen on Main Street , with is also a CRA designated area. Historically every restaurant that opened their failed, so what will make us different?

    We must recognize the true state our community and address these problems and a soup kitchen is a prerequisite to doing this and therefore as more demand then it ability to supply out of that restaurant.

    The problem is hopelessness in our neighborhood and they must be loved even while they still hate you or he who is trying to helping them.

    We did an experiment and offered to sell food as a donation to a cause to feed them again and for a week could not sell anything, but had no problem giving it away. Why? Because Drugs and Alcohol has overwhelmed our community due to long term hopelessness. Many poor people in our community will buy drugs first and then think about eating. But by feeding them, they will have to come to us and if they get used to being treated like human beings, hearing better ideas, learning about other options, I believe many of them will once again feel like buying food and loving themselves, instead of being preoccupied with only drugs.

    G) We are a 501 c 3 non profit public charity, however we recognized a serious community breech, we feel we must rectify. Our local NAACP, is not being supported or managed properly and as our main 501 c (4), which is an established nationwide network, is basically on existent and does nothing for the people. We believe such an historical organization should have no problem gaining support at $30 annual dues, if properly managed. The local NAACP email address bounces back, they have no website for use to visit about our local and political issues. And this is Al Joe Hinson's job, instead of running for office, he should be finding us endorsements and educating the community about political issues. I just voted and had n o idea who was who, mean in g he was running his own campaign instead of showing us the way.

    F) With respect to our future plans for Highlands County and the fact that most of our black young adult spent their money for night life activities. We plan to establish a security agency including armed security guards, bodyguards, and private investigators, to insure the protection of our supporters, our events to include events at local clubs and clubs we plan to acquire and the protection of our property and community under G Claa qualifications in the state of Florida.

    We have so much work and it seems like everyday or every time I knock on door down here, there is nobody there to answer. It like nobody is doing anything but looking out for self, but nobody support anybody, because everybody is out for self and therefore will never have anything.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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