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    Posted August 26, 2014 by
    Des Moines, Iowa
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    Justified or Not?

    After watching all of the coverage on the shooting of another young black male (this one unarmed) again I am very concerned by how things are playing out. First let me say point blank that officer Darren Wilson needs to be prosecuted for Murder in the First Degree. Let us remember that we are talking about a highly trained officer versus an armed 18 year old. Irregardless if this young man did have a scuffle with the officer while he was sitting in the car this officer could have used other means of force in which to control the young man. Police officers usually carry OC (mase), stun guns/tasers, and batons. To me it would have been easier for the officers to grab his taser or OC then to unholster his weapon, take the safety off and fire the weapon.

    Another thing that concerns me is that when this was first reported on they said that the officer pulled up to Micheal Brown and his friend telling them to stop walking in the street not for any felony crimes suspected. It was not until after the fact of the shooting did that officer know that Micheal Brown was suspected of the theft at the convenience store in which a clerk was shoved. Never at any point has it been reported that the store clerk feared for his life or that Micheal Brown threatened the life of the clerk or Officer Wilson.

    Now lets talk about the number of shots that we fired and how many times this young man was shot before he died. Officer Wilson discharged his weapon 10 times. There was a salvo of 6 shots followed by about a 3 second delay and then another salvo of 4 shots were fired. If any of you have ever seen a mafia movie remember how a guy would run from the man who had the gun while he fired his gun? The man firing the gun would shot until he seen the guy stop running or fall down then walk up to him and execute him with a few more shots to the head or chest.....hmmmm sounds similar to what happened to Micheal Brown. Micheal Brown was hit in the arm and chest (the chest wound would have stopped him immediately) and then he was shot in the eye and on top of his head. That to me sounds like he was executed.

    Overall it seems to me that Officer Wilson let his anger and maybe racism get the best of him. Officer Wilson is seen in video by the body of Micheal Brown with no visible injuries (no black eye or swollen eye socket) yet days later the Ferguson Police report that he had these injuries. Sorry Officer Wilson but I don't believe you! Cause if you were assaulted in the manner you claim that you were then especially by a person as big as Micheal Brown then you would have shown marks, bruising and swelling right away!! This young man was unarmed and was not suspected of having a weapon on him so why did he die that day?

    America we need to stand up for what is right and stop looking at things as black and white. I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance when I was a kid...part of it said....with liberty and justice for all! This is a tragic event that needs to stop. Police Officers need to be held responsible for deaths like this or one day it could happen to any of our kids or maybe ourselves regardless if you are Black, White, Asian, Mexican or any other race
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