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    Dallas, Texas
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    The DES Tragedy Phenomenon #TheDESTragedy

    There is one phenomenon that arises from The DES Tragedy from discussions with DES mothers and daughters.

    After DES concerns began to be reported about DES to various audiences, a peculiar response was noted: No matter to whom The DES Tragedy was addressed: Medical researchers, practicing physicians, DES mothers, DES Daughters, DES Sons, academics or laypersons… an no matter the forum: Public panel discussions, hospital grand rounds, private counseling sessions, even dinner-table and cocktail conversations, the people to whom heard the facts around The DES Tragedy, always failed to grasp what was being discussed … at first. They wanted to know who was responsible for the disaster… who profited by it, either in money or reputation or public honors.

    They wanted to know who had deceived the public and why. They wanted, in short, the secret, inside story of how the scandal occurred.

    They had to be told that there was no inside story, no significant heroes or villains; that the scandal is intrinsic to the very structure of modern medicine at the time.

    It took time to grasp why our audience always initially misunderstood the story.

    The cause is really twofold. On the one had the events that were described did not fit the conventional pattern of historical narratives because the behavior of the actors and their conscious motivations do not account for what happened. On the other hand, the more complex, less conventional account that is believed to the truer one produced sense of helplessness and anxiety in the audience. If there are no villains, what are the remedies?

    Mistakes were made, procedures were not adequate and that the range of available scientific research resources was not fully utilized. But it is not clear how much difference any of this made… or how much difference the technical improvements of recent decades will make the next time around. It does go without saying that no one could have anticipated the disastrous long-term consequences of taking DES.

    The major significance of the DES Tragedy lies in the clarity with which it exposes deep, fundamental and often difficult-to-perceive aspects of modern medicine…. To that end, the pharmaceutical industry knew that DES was a carcinogen and teratogen, and went ahead with mass retail marketing and distribution of catastrophic drug.

    DES exposure has now shown to affect the third generation. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight that will bring this medical disaster to and end…

    The DES exposed are still awaiting an apology from the pharmaceutical industry for this disaster. As we are in 2014, apologies for medical errors are common place…. Why has that apology not been issued…. We are still waiting…..
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