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    Avon Park, Florida
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    Lawyer Confirms Veterans Investigation in Underway

    Lawyer Confirms Veterans Investigation in Underway

    By: Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    Today I spoke to my lawyer Mark Lippman Esq. and he confirmed that my request is being investigated. Three things are about to be check out and established.

    1: Does my blood fight off the AIDS virus, he said the VA will contact me soon, to run these test and I want this information made available to the Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation, amfar - the foundation for AIDS research, the Magic Johnson Foundation and Oprah Winfrey. I will request that Mark Lippman Esq. represent me as my lead attorney throughout these negotiations.

    2: They will investigate Richard Starks and Tyler Brooks, to prove or disprove, if I performed the first successful human testicle transplant in 1969, placing me 32 years advance to our world's scientific community at Age 11.

    3: The will request Keba who I claim to be my daughter to take a blood test to find out if she is my offspring.

    What is at stake? If they disprove me, I will be found to be delusional as stated by the Veterans Administration and would win my service connect claim based on an insanity defense that I was delusional when I got out of the Army. This could be between $200,000 and $400,000 settlement. And I will just have to accept it and get help figuring out what to do with the rest of my life, because this journey will have ended

    If they prove what I say to be true, it opens a new can of warms, which will require the government to restore my honor as an American hero, the Department of Defense will have to settle with me for about 40 years of service at the proper G rating as a covert operative of highest accomplishments, based on my being a covert operative, I will get my Presidential pardon and third discharge upgrade, allowing m y friends to compensate me what is owed me, without worrying about some RICO Act case brought against me move the Feds, The Gambino Crime family will require a bunch of clemencies and pardons, for a job well done and we will probably pay the national debt and balance the national deficit. We will need to contact Bruce Cutler.

    So people can call me crazy, but I need confirmation before I accept their opinion, because I know better. I know Keba was conceived during a cold night in January of 1980 and was born in October 1980, then she was taken to us and it was decided my cousin Boykin (Rahmel) Hilton be her father. This was decided after a bitter dispute between my father's uncle Short-time (Uncle Brother) and my realization that I could not be a father to her and carryout my journey. He is now upset with me about this, but what he should be thinking about is what do he wants for the work his work well done for me. He can be rich and powerful, but Keba's children must be molded to run my businesses and she must know who I am, to know who and what she is (Princess Keba).

    Then around April of 1980, I remember around that time while Janet Jackson was 13 years old, impregnating her. All I know is John J. Gotti told me my daughter name was Alicia Keys, he told me this in 1989 After they check into it. The person who was raised her was a cousin of Big Paul Castellano. This tells me they knew she was a Castellano, but they whack Big Paul, because he wanted people to think her was me. They say Alicia mother is white and worked in the Hells Kitchen in the Lower Eastside of New York City. And what is confusing people is her complexion. I do not recall having sex at that time with a white woman in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, which is confusing me. Maybe they bleached he skin like all of Hollywood, maybe she took after me, because I was about her complexion or lighter when I lived in New York City. I do not know and do not dwell on it anymore. My blood type is AB positive and Alicia Keys is Blood type B. Therefore regardless of Janet blood type is still possible. But honestly this is still a mystery to me

    Table A:
    Possible ABO Blood Groups In Couples And Their Children
    If the couple's blood types are: The child's blood group could be:
    Possible Impossible
    O and O O A, B, or AB
    O and A O or A B or AB
    O and B O or B A or AB
    O and AB A or B O or AB
    A and A O or A B or AB
    A and B O, A, B or AB None
    A and AB A, B or AB O
    B and B O or B A or AB
    B and AB A, B or AB O
    AB and AB A, B or AB O

    What I cannot have is a child with type O blood. The idea that she might be my daughter is not far fetch. But I know she is financially secure and my concern is Keba who has 7 children and one is a new born. I know for sure about Keba and is betting everything on it, but all I know as John J. Gotti said Alicia Keys was my daughter, but for that to be true, I almost know she has to be the child Janet gave up thinking it was big Paul Castellano who impregnated her.

    I say this because I remember Jermaine Jackson saying at the front gate at the Havenhurst home, when I went to California. He said, "Big Paul is dead and now my sisters are free." That concerned what I knew, but I realized, they really didn't know it was me, well Jermaine didn't or he is a great actor.

    If I prove myself right, my first move is to bring an AIDS research faculty to Avon Park, FL., with a budget of at least $1B annually until AIDS is eradicated for the planet.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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