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    Obamacare, failing those in need.


    I'm a obamacare dropout.. as are most of my friends and family.


    I find it interesting, that the very law that was supposed to help those in need, have left them in a deeper hole than where they started. Let me explain. I have many friends and family members that are very liberal. All very excited of the talk and hub-bub surrounding the new universal health care coverage that "their President" was putting in place.. giving them all "free" or "low cost" insurance that they so desperately wanted and needed.. if not for them, but for their fellow citizens.  I heard non-stop praise and accolades. proudly hailing their commander-in-chief.. this went on for longer than I care to remember.  Basically during the "honeymoon phase" of obamacare..  as this new law was taking shape.


    Then reality set in: As it turned out.. when the ink dried on that newly signed bill and obamacare made into law.. the new healthcare.gov, state health exchanges launched, call centers activated... a cold hard realization had come over my once cheerful friends and family.. the policy premiums, listed in black and white, starred them in the face.  The comments came rapidly:

    "I can't afford this!", many said.

    "This is worse than what I had before!", others said.

    "I thought this was going to save me money?", a few others questioned.


    As it turns out, they were duped. As we all were.

    Even my own coverage for my family, jumped.. it turns out, to have anything close to the coverage I had before, it would cost me almost 4 times what I paid before.


    How can americans afford this? I have a dear family member, that has an income just above the poverty level.  Even with subsidies, they can not afford even the minimal coverage amounts.. The bare bones policy premium, which basically gets them nothing, is the equivalent to taking on a new car payment.. but without the benefit of having a car!


    In my opinion, this is a complete and utter travesty.


    Why on earth, do we need "Obamacare"? I agree, healthcare, as a whole, needs to change. Pre-existing conditions need to be dealt with.. out of control hospital costs and charges need to be dealt with, etc. But do we need the government to put their big fat finger in it and have the IRS oversee it?


    Let's look at the negative impact this law has had already: Millions of pointless insurance cancellations, increased taxes, increased government spending, a decrease in hours at work for the companies trying to reclassify employees as "part-time", as to avoid paying health benefits, increases to the cost of goods and services that we all pay, so that businesses can afford to pay these extra taxes and "benefits". The list goes on and on.. the negatives are many.. the positives are few.


    Most people seem to have a pretty fixed budget, literally living paycheck to paycheck.  Throwing in an additional expense, equivalent to an average car payment or even a month worth of groceries, with no additional benefit to that person is ridiculous.   The majority of people in the US workforce are hourly wage earners.  They have no say on how much they make or how many hours they can work.  Where is this “extra” money going to come from?  What are they going to have to cut back on in order to “afford” this “Affordable Care Act”?


    Obamacare has come at a very high expense to the tax payers and will continue to do so..   Almost a billion dollars spent on the development of Healthcare.gov alone, for a website and the underlying technological framework.. that doesn’t work properly and now we are discovering the data isn’t secure.   Compound that with the fact that the Associated Press has reported that 4.7 million Americans LOST COVERAGE due to the Obamacare insurance requirements.  According to certain reports, there has been 2.1 million enrollees into the Obamacare programs through the various exchanges.  This is a net loss of 2.6 million people, who were previously insured.  Not to mention, those 2.1 million enrollees, do not translate into “paying” enrollees.  Which would include people like myself.. went through the system, determined they could not afford the “affordable care act” and became Obamacare dropouts.. just like me.


    In my opinion, this program, the law, and the president that signed it into existence, will live in infamy.


    By Rick Berg, Plano Texas

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