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    Clueless Liberals and Obama's Failed Foreign and Domestic Policies

    So someone please tell me how Obama's Politically motivated desire to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did NOT bring about the rise of ISIS and the NEW threat America now faces?

    Someone please tell me how the United States Government DID NOT know of this growing threat while busy gathering information on the so called threat of American Conservative citizens?

    Someone please tell me how Obama's Politically motivated attempts at Amnesty and an UNSECURED BORDER are not allowing Terror Cells to enter these United States?

    Someone please tell me how this President managed to win a second term after the long list of failures in his first term?

    I'll tell you how:


    That's how!

    America is paying a big price for the lethal ineptitude of those who have proven themselves to be so very 'Clueless' and they seem to be very silent these days.

    I wonder why?


    Official: Obama weighing options to go after ISIS in Syria

    Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama flatly stated Tuesday the United States won't forget the gruesome killing of American journalist James Foley and promised "justice will be done."

    And now, apparently, he has some options to pursue such justice -- going after ISIS not just for beheading Foley, but for its campaign of terror around the region.


    Too little too late Mr. President!
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