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    *AUDRA* Of Chaser Eight

    What bands and life experiences have influenced your songs the most? 

    Growing up I always listened to The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Allman Brothers Band and bands like that. I was surrounded by great songs and great songwriters my whole life. Hearing them put their emotions to music made me want and realize that I could do the same; so I did and still do. I always found myself writing about heartbreak and ex-boyfriends.

    How do the lyrics and melody come to you?

    Divine intervention. But seriously, there is something very mystical and magical about what songwriters do. For me, it usually comes from a dark place or a sad place. I generally don't write when I'm happy. It just comes upon me, just like that. I can be anywhere and get inspired to write. And just as quickly as it comes is as quickly as it can go. 

    Are your friends and family supportive of your music? 

    Of course! They always come out to shows and I see/hear them sharing all our news with others. It’s nice to know they are proud of me and what Chaser Eight has done.

    Are you self-taught in your music or have you taken lessons? 

    I took guitar lessons for about six months and don’t remember much. I have never taken singing lessons. So I guess you can say I am an autodidact in both.

    Name a completely different genre of music that you would like to mix in with your music to create an overall unique sound. Do you have a specific musician or band you would collaborate with?

    Personally, I love house and EDM music. I don’t know what it is about it and most of my friends make fun of me for it, but it just gets me going. And in the realm Tiësto is the man. It would be sweet to have a Chaser Eight and Tiësto collaboration. And I feel with the new, heavy direction our music has taken it would sound awesome.

    What image do you think your music conveys? How important is image?

    I think our music conveys real rock and roll. We are talking about rock and roll you used to experience in the 60s and 70s. When a piece of music could move you to tears or inspire you to greatest or just make you want to party! We want to touch hearts and minds the same way. We want people to hear us and have no doubt that we are a bad ass rock band. Image is highly important and I am always telling the band the same thing. People look up to us on stage. They admire us for doing what we do. We should play the part, act the part, and look the part.

    What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

    Don’t do it! Just kidding. Well... you can never give up, and in order to never give up... you have to have a thick skin. People are going to hate you. You will be rejected. You will lose your way creatively and personally. But keep your head high. Keep innovating. Keep pushing. Keep evolving. Keep getting better. Keep working harder than your peers. It will happen. Also, to borrow a quote from my mentor Pat Keogh, always show up.

    What is the importance of the connections you make? How can you utilize them?

    Everything in this business is about connections and how to use them! Networking is the most important. If I wasn’t open to connections and networking, we wouldn’t have our manager, Doug Grabowski. We met on a train and stayed in each other’s lives for a very long time before he came on as manager and he has been one of the best things that has ever happened to us. Also, we are constantly out in the local music scene networking with fans and other bands. We have met so many cool people along the way and will continue to meet more and grow our Crazy 8s (Official Chaser Eight Fan Club) to a crazy number. And meeting new bands is great because you get to show swap! And even if we can’t turn them into a Crazy 8 (hardly happens!) or they aren’t in a band, we still get to have a real conversation about music together and sometimes that’s just as cool.

    *AUDRA* (Chaser Eight)
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