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    Truly Innocent Reputable Black Men, like Charles Belk, Women, and Children Violated by Agents and Officials of Government do not Receive the Support from the Black Community that Individuals Like Incorrigible Michael Brown Receive from the Black Community

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c_ZZM2KgvI YouTube: "Black Film Producer Mistaken For Bank Robber, Detained For Six Hours " http://ktla.com/2014/08/26/producer-in-beverly-hills-for-emmy-pre-party-mistaken-for-bank-robber-held-6-hours/ RE: "Producer in Beverly Hills for Emmy Pre-Party Mistaken for Bank Robber, Held 6 Hours" by Anthony Kurzweil, KTLA5 News, August 26, 2014 Situations like that of Harvard educated film Producer Charles Belk, are real life examples of Black men, women, and/or children, with clean records/no criminal history...... wrongfully violated by policing authorities. Because of Mr. Belk's clean record and reputation it is certain the City of Beverly Hills/BH Police Department will pay a hefty civil court damages award for this un-Constitutional/Wrongful act. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-305812 It is certain, especially the policing authorities, the traditional news media, President Barack "the Magic Negro/Illegal Alien Bootllicking" Obama, lost in the woods Attorney General Eric Holder, race baiting ambulance chasing no good poverty pimping Reverend Al Sharpton, jackleg preaching Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr., the Race/Riot instigating groupies are not blowing this news story up, like that huge group of individuals heading fast in the wrong direction who defend an incorrigible and now dead, so called "Gentle Giant"..... Mike Brown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWjdNv491NM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mAaJMBxKA4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhHhlu-IqVw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_icVWKO4_o YouTube: "Michael Brown's Friend Describes Shooting Dorian Johnson Eyewitness (FULL)", Alison VMA, August 12, 2014 http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/18/us/michael-brown-autopsy-shows-he-was-shot-at-least-6-times.html?_r=0 "Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times" New York Times Selected Excerpt: "The sequence of events provided by law enforcement officials places Mr. Brown and Mr. Johnson at Ferguson Market and Liquors, a store several blocks away on West Florissant Ave., at about 11:50 a.m. After leaving the store with the cigarillos, the two walked north on West Florissant, a busy commercial thoroughfare, toward Canfield Drive, a clerk reported to the police." Contrary to the false statement that Michael Brown was running away, i.e., his back was facing police officer Darren Wilson, from one of Mike Brown's witnesses, Dorian Johnson, the actual autopsy report document(s) indicate otherwise. .............Dorian Johnson is not a credible witness............credibility is important....because it is of little value to use as a witness anyone who is involved in criminal activity, or who is not truthful. http://breakingbrown.com/2014/08/two-ferguson-police-officers-were-accused-of-hitting-and-or-hog-tying-children/ RE: "Two Ferguson Police Officers Were Accused of Hitting and/ or Hog Tying Children"- Black News Here again, when there are no penalties on the back end, i.e., no one filing a claim against the party or parties responsible for the illegal/wrongful act, then the perpetrators will escape with impunity.......thus.. More must be done to stress the importance of respecting and obeying the commands of any police officer.....and if a citizen has a problem with any police officer, or any other public servant, it would behoove the party or parties to: 1. Obtain the police officer's or officers name(s) and badge numbers, or equivalent information for any other public servant. 2. Document the circumstances. 3. Obtain the names and contact information of all credible witnesses......credibility is important....because it is of little value to use as a witness anyone who is involved in criminal activity, or who is not truthful. 4. Make it a point to be law abiding yourself, so much so, that if any criminal act is committed just make it a point that the actual criminal acts/civil tort violations are committed by anyone else but you. Don't conspire with anyone else, because you can and will be charged as being an accomplice/co-conspirator, etc. 5. File a claim against the appropriate jurisdiction. http://www.dalycity.org/City_Hall/Departments/city_attorney/claim.htm If the public servant is employed by the City then the claim should be filed against the City/Mayor http://file.lacounty.gov/lasd/cms1_145305.pdf http://ceo.lacounty.gov/RMB/pdf/Forms/cms1_044803.pdf If the public servant or agency is associated with the County then the claim for redress should be filed against the County/County Board http://vcgcb.ca.gov/claims/howtofile.aspx If the public servant in question is employed by the State, then the claim should be filed against the State/Governor. http://www.justice.gov/civil/docs_forms/SF-95.pdf http://answers.usa.gov/system/templates/selfservice/USAGov/#!portal/1012/article/3523/Complaints-Federal-or-State-Government-Agencies If the public servant or public entity in question are at the Federal level, then your dispute must be filed against the Feds. 6. Although it would be good to have a lawyer, in a civil claim, if you are unable to find a competent attorney who will work for you, then you can do this yourself in Pro Persona. 7. Whatever you decide to do, do not challenge, engage in combat, resist the authority of any police officer whose job function is to make use of a loaded firearm, because to do so can result in your own death. "Dead men (women) tell no tales". 8. Comply or automatically place your hands in plain view of any peace officer by placing them on the steering wheel. Unless instructed by a police officer to reach for your vehicle registration in the glove compartment of your vehicle do not make any unnecessary body movements, i.e., Freeze!
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