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    Los Angeles, California
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    Shooting America Part III. Public Safety - Just Be Mindful


    The call for this my expression was finally forced by two last countrywide accidents, represented by actual police street performance (1) and already ... 9-yrs premature trainee (2) ...


    I. Missouri


    "I was very concerned about that PAUSE ... because it's not just the number of gunshots, it's how they're fired," the man's attorney, Lopa Blumenthal, told CNN's Don Lemon.

    I don't prompt how the law enforcement shall stay their ground to defend esprit de corps, but I would like to share just my college experience with any crazy mind who ever decides to offend the police officer on duties. You shall know that latter react very predictably, having already that excessive power. You do rarely meet police officers willing to damage their neat uniform and requred appearance by physical confrontation in elementary fight or scuffle, exclude that by the acting in pack enjoyment. People do underestimate how dangerous police officer may appear, but again, s(he) is predictable. People lie, both sides. No evidece are proved. So What's Up? Not a sky only. Just be polite and respectful toward any laws, as this will cost you less.


    So, while I was taking a class of simulated shooting within my major of Administration of Justice, I have asked my instructor (former police officer) why police doctrine in this country prefers shooting spree and did it in common (again, predictably)? Well, he responded, take this assignment: just see this one.


    I see the bruiser with a club runs into me (on the equipment TV-screen) shouting damnations in foul language with a clear and apparent threat to my life and personal safety, as an officer-trainee. You must STOP HIM, if you would like to survive at all. The distance is so close that you just do not have time to use pepper, baton, etc. and you must STOP him, but escape from him, because he is alone (not within pack of supporters) and, first, he represent public danger. I follow learned instructions and quickly, immediately, realize - it is not so easy to STOP mowing agressor by shooting in the legs. Latter are moving things too. So what? STOP him or he stops you. Not a lot of a choice, ha?


    Again both sides lie, this is a life. But my example above explains your PAUSE finding. If, that above, bruiser was not stopped and continues to threat officer's safety latter continues his desperate attempts to STOP aggressor.


    On the other hand shooting out an already dead body is a crime, bordering with psychopathy, or crime of "mockery over corpse", something like that.


    Experts should have concentrated on which bullet has actually ended (stopped) a victim (suspect), but play PAUSE finding. It is at least unprofessional.


    II. Arizona


    Let me disagree with Mel Robbins' opinion (read as updated 3:17 PM EDT, Wed August 27, 2014). [Sorry, I cannot stay this point seriously, because it is so stressful. So what? It appeared before me that writer was apparently upset while claimed her article: "Why is a 9-year-old firing an Uzi?"


    Duh, ... probably, because of her own 9-yrs child was allowed just a carbine, Uzi just was not available. It is just unfair, folk! 9-yrs kids have constitutional rights of shooting around! Even if 9-yrs kid would be forced out further from sharing his training emotions with classmates and neighbors, she knows that she cares about wrong idea to bring young children to shooting range by stealing their childhood. Personal safety shall start from physical self-defense skills, from morning exercises, but practicing killing. Cool!]


    Hold on! The correct answer for "9-year-old firing" is so old like eggs of dinosaurus - this happened again just because of money. As for clarification: your child may be completely unqualified to take classes at musical conservatory, say, no sense of rhytm at all, but if you have money ... For money you can buy everything and everybody. What is impossible for money, you can buy for big money, and what is impossible even for big money, you can buy just for very big money. That is.

    In accordance to range local rules shooting show for kids has a requirement that those shall be accompanied by big pocket legal guardians (parents), who should have taken that "Easy"-energy on themselves first and then only an instructor, as staying in line ... to be the next target substitution (money works, ha?).


    To all those idiots accountable for such money talk and upscale countrywide shooting allowance there is really easy and must-be-at-any-range display: imagine the prompted by my mind device demonstrating the power of a kickback. It is an actual gun locked the way, say not more than 75 degrees with mechanical or electronic sensor, sure results are shown already on a poster.


    Such knowledge shall force to wake up the gut feeling of immediate death service for any idiot, who also allows the recording of show with kids for their after vacation shares, with neighbors and classmates: we are already trained, just wait, a little bit!


    The famous Los Angeles Gun Club decided and does not have headache with Uzi, which we see is not easy. For shooting fans they offer the largest caliber revolver they have The Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver, which is heavy as a good watermelon held on an extended arm, as well as extremely funny by its sound effect.
    It was so loud that provoked my natural reaction, I share with you for educational purposes only, and as a first time user of exactly this next one "not a toy". So that is to say that S&W 500 just cannot be managed by 9-yrs kid being to heavy: no risk of harmful recoil and following kissing the floor or the ceiling.


    Shame on you, pro-NRA experts and correspondents. In the country where a churches can be found on any corner, you are easy to wash hands and blame any fall guy, who to the time to leave NRA approved business, apparently could learn only weaponry, kind of, being reported as a veteran: no charges for NRA, or parents responsibility - business lives.


    In opposition to NRA I would like to believe that killed on duties range instructor had done something for a child lifesaving, as he should, but he just was not successful enough then and took her bullets on himself.


    Where and who were such guardians-parents? September is soon, which academic facility will start first?



    Tau Ceti Chief in Charge
    August 27, 2014

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