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    Posted August 29, 2014 by
    Boca Raton, Florida

    Aldo Disorbo Discusses Pre-Trip Packing and Moving Tips


    Moving expert Aldo Disorbo advises homeowners to be well prepared in advance of a major relocation. Here, Aldo Disorbo offers a few lessons he’s learned about this exhaustive but highly rewarding process.

    Q: What’s the first step when embarking upon a move?

    Aldo Disorbo: Developing a packing zone for each room is a smart strategy. Carve out a place for supplies and empty boxes, as well as packing areas and giveaway piles, somewhere in your home or garage that is out of the main walking areas.

    Q: Where should I keep packing supplies?

    Aldo Disorbo: Keep all supplies handy in an apron or tool belt with pockets that hold labels, markers, scissors, tape and a small notebook.

    Q: Are there certain boxes that work best in most moving situations?

    Aldo Disorbo: The wise investment is a collection of double-ply cardboard boxes that hold up throughout the process and protecting all belongings. Boxes should be filled to the top. Otherwise, they may get dented or crushed during the transition.

    Q: How should my household items be wrapped?

    Aldo Disorbo: Purchase stacks of unprinted newsprint packing paper, which doesn’t mark up belongings like regular newspaper. For smaller items, try brightly colored tissue paper that stands out so that they aren’t tossed away or neglected.

    Q: What kind of packing materials are available for bigger items?

    Aldo Disorbo: Purchase plastic wrapping or large furniture bags to protect sofas, chairs and other pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that mattress bags are necessary to prevent the mattress from getting dirty. Wardrobe boxes are great for keeping everything in the closet wrinkle-free.

    Q: What’s the most appropriate manner in which to move glass items?

    Aldo Disorbo: Large mirrors and frames can be put inside a frame box that protects the glass and its edges. Make a giant X with strips of masking tape across the glass so that it remains in place during the trip.

    Q: Is there an effective way to keep linens from staining?

    Aldo Disorbo: Keep clothing, pillows and other textiles clean by placing them inside garbage bags before putting them in cardboard boxes.

    Q: How should bathroom items be handled?

    Aldo Disorbo: Use sealable plastic bags to hold all bathroom potions and lotions. Oftentimes these liquid toiletries leak and cause an unwanted mess that wreaks havoc on the entire shipment.

    Entrepreneur Aldo Disorbo is a 30-year veteran of the moving industry, having founded multiple companies in his home state of Florida.

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