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    ISIS and the Only Solution

    ISIS and the Only Solution

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    First of all , the reality is that they are fighting over a lie. ISIS is not God and Israel are the Illuminati (god) chosen people. But these wars will continue, until they all accept that they have been designed to kill each other based on earth's religious structure to forever be in battle.

    If we look at a fast-forward view of mankind that would we see? Continuous improvement which is the logical business model or constant destruction and redevelopment and wars and wars as nation after nation grow to greatness only to be destroyed? Then someone else gets to play ruler, but the real ruler was always Satan.

    The plan for America was to fall and ISIS is an example of why we are journeying in the direction of destruction, but regardless we will be the last man standing, because now God is with us. The plan is to keep us putting out fires. It is much easier to create a problem than to solve one and much cheaper to do so. For example, CNN is worth less than $5B, yet they seem to feel that they have the right and authority for push their agenda, which requires spending my money and not theirs.

    Yesterday it was Ferguson City, today Iraqi and tomorrow Syria and who is paying for this, in a nation over 100% its GDP in debt? And the fact that Israel hates everybody in the middle east and ISIS hates them, and it doesn't mean I have to go bankrupt trying to patch holes that will never stop opening with new leaks, because they are all liars an d they know it.

    Who needs oil out of Iraq? China? Where is China? Why always America must come to the rescue? Why don't these journalist join the Army if they want war and start paying three times their taxes to pay for it? Because they do not value human life and think all these veterans who need care already isn't enough problems to deal with, as a result of years of wars over lies. Every time there is an uprising, they think it is alright to volunteer our poor children who joined the Army for a job, not offered them elsewhere to war after war and curse the President for not killing more Americans and causing them to lose limbs, over a war you cannot prove is our war to fight.

    ISIS wants Israel out and not America. But look at what we are dealing with? They are from all over the world, it is an international group against Israel, from Germany to America and all over Europe with passports. So who is this enemy, an ideology? How to we fight a belief, is my problem also, how do you explain to a person that they are wrong about what they believe about God?

    So we destroy them tomorrow and then what, they scatter? What is their plan if this was to happen CNN? Where will they go and what will they be assigned to do? If I had a problem with someone, but another person got involved without my provocation, I would attack them next, for drawing first blood. If they think like that way, listening to CNN will only create a problem, we really do not have now. Because the rational decision would be to attack where they can go back to. They already accepted death!

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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