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    Avon Park, Florida
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    The NCN Brings Hollywood to Avon Park, FL.

    Everybody Has Demons Production Summary

    1: Tyler Perry as Director and Co- Producer along with Oprah and 100% of the tax deductibility for royalties as the co--writer based on our earning at the non profit end. Plus his pay as director and co-producer and whatever else he does, the writers royalties must go to our non profit organization, The National Community Network, INC. I must establish a sustainable cash flow to maintain this organization as a autonomous operation.

    Therefore this time sensitive. We need Tyler Perry to edit this screenplay to create a more marketable product, without taking away the moral of the story. Everybody has demons, which means your sickness is your secrets. And people use your sickness to their advances and to your disadvantage if you allow them to. But once the truth or your shameful secret is revealed it no longer has power over you. Therefore you as a human being has become emancipated from the shame that cause you to go astray.

    Copyright it as: The National Community Network, INC
    923 South A Avenue
    Avon Park, FL. 33825
    (863) 657-2407

    2: Janet Jackson as Sister Peace - performs everybody has demons song duet with Alicia as co-producers As part of a settlement with NaQuila L, Hardy (no to be disclosed to the public, I want all my copyright ownership back from the album I wrote and produce and she performed I AM Me album. She may have wrote 2 or 3 songs, but my songs are relevant to this movement. Also I will give NaQuila 50% of the copyrights for performing our demo, which will be useful as tax deductions based on our royalty earners. But all earner go the NCN, making non commercial. Janet will be my representative for AIDS research facility funding agenda. To include but not be limited to The Magic Johnson Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, amfar and Oprah will handle promotions and advertisement thru her communications network already establish, always getting the insider info on all developments.
    3: Alicia Keys as Aisha
    4: Angela Bassett - has a role if she wants one.
    5: I would like to hire local in leading roles as a well
    6: Have Tyler Perry handle all staffing of actors and actresses
    7: I will be filmed In Avon Park, FL., which put this place on the map
    8: Mark Lippman, Esq. can handle our legal end as lead attorney and call in Bruce Cutler, we will require a lot of pardons and clemencies granted, which will require a legal team.
    8: Everything is based on my fact pattern being proven and an AIDS research facility becomes a real discussion. WE demand a $1 Billion budget annually, until AIDS is eradicated from the world, thereby, changing the political landscape of a town with $40 million annual budget.
    9: If we could get this right, our 29 November 2014 event, ending our Thanksgiving Weekend Events, could be the time for us to meet at the Avon Park, FL. Community Center.

    1: Armed Security: Provided By The Prince Hall Freemasons - Assign a liaison.
    2: Director: Tyler Perry
    3: Corporate Representative over AIDS Research Funding: Janet Jackson
    4: Advertisement: Oprah Winfrey
    5: Lawyers: Criminal Lawyer: Bruce Cutler Veterans Law Lawyer: Mark Lippman Esq.
    6: Sponsors: 1: The Magic Johnson Foundation. 2: The Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation and 3: amfar - the foundation for AIDS Research.
    Host: Dr. Bob Lee - WBLS New York City - Carried Live
    7: Maximum Capacity For Meeting: 100 persons upstairs minus 15 security detail or volunteers. I want a guess list of no more than 75. Everyone there should be a part of the decision making process and not be there to observe, it will be carried live on a radio station that nationwide on the Internet. I will take television coverage.
    8: Maximum Capacity for Surviving in the Hood Presentation: 175 kid between ages 13 to 17. If we do this right, we need to think about who will be those 175 lucky kids in the small town. I think such a presentation should be designed as a two program and I thin k it would a wonderful for the PTS Movement to be assigned to as a nation wide tour, if we can insure security at each venue, which should hold larger audiences.
    9: Main Area of Discussions the Budget Established of our AIDS Research Facility and the Filming of "Everybody has Demons," which will be the title of the meeting sent to the media.
    10: Everybody involved must give us authority to use their photograph in writing to be used to promote our agenda.

    Rev. Paul's Note: Everybody has Demons was written in September 2009. I move here November 2009 and these activities actually took place here in Avon Park, FL., whereby I discovered a level systematic immorality. Meaning laws being broken as a re4sult of sexual act that causes harm to the development of our communities mentality and feelings of hurt, anger and shame.
    In the state of Florida, the statute of limitations for Statutory Rape is Three (3) years. This means that victims must file and bring forth any charges within 3 years for the statutory rape charges to be valid and subject to prosecution.
    But the effect of this can last a lifetime, which makes it a moral sin in my eyes that will not go unpunished if proven it happened. Under Zew Law child is not grown until she has her first period at thirteen. That is a major issue explored in "Everybody has Demons," you secrets are your sickness

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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