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    KABAM ganes ruins gaming experience for most players

    When you play any kabam game there is no customer service and they do things on purpose to take your money and get all they can, they take the enjoyment out of there own games. this is one example of what they do, there are many others, I myself started to play a game called ravenmarch, its a new game kabam put out, i only spent 20 bucks, i know how kabam does things. We pick a faction and we play that faction on a server, i am in blue faction server 10, we were in top spot, and quite a few in the faction spent to be there. They decided to merge the faction after server being 3 weeks old with a server 3 weeks older then they are, not only do they merge the server but then we have to also fight everything we are not ready for, we went from 1st place to last in 1 day, not only are we last, but we so far behind its like we have been kabammed, we get no repsonse, people didnt only put in cash, they also put time into the game to get screwed over and not compensated. If you play games you know 3 weeks is a huge advantage over people, people quit and go to new servers cus they start a server 1 week late and to far behind. Also when they merged the server they gave us everything the server before had to do, we are not ready for that, so now everyoner\ from server 10 will always be behind atleast 3 weeks, and when we ask why, they give no answer, when we ask to be compensated, no reply, we are ignored.
    The games should be fun, I think kabam does stuff and then sits back and laughs at people on purpose. they have no warning on there games about how addictive they can be, they should have some and there should be a lawsuit, there game are very addicting, we do it for smokers and gamblers, whe are we not making games that are addicting also do the same thing
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