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    Posted August 29, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    All Russia's Fault? Ukraine Is Not A Democracy Unless U.S. Says It's A 'Democracy'


    So, you're a democracy that doesn't agree with the U.S.

    You're lead by a president that isn't onboard with “the linking itself at the hip to the West” but instead, side with Russia economically.
    The people in Ukraine elected the previous president by a majority to lead them.

    But, as we see here in the U.S., the folks we elect, ignore the wants and needs of the people who elected them.

    The ‘deals they cut’ are self-serving, provide lavish lifestyles for themselves and the business's that supported their elections. That’s pretty much the case around the World, in all ‘true’ democracies.

    The wealthy interests pay to have their lobbyists put in office to do their bidding. Ukraine’s former president was no different. No. He didn’t take care of his constituents before he took care of himself.

    Many business leaders in Ukraine didn’t care that he was corrupt and cared little for the middle class.

    It’s no different here, in the U.S. or Great Britain, our France, or ad nauseam.
    The wealthy in Ukraine rule their countries with their money. It’s just a question of who will give them a bigger return on their investment- the West or Russia.

    Their taxes were cut while their share was dumped on the working poor. The problem arose when the former president didn’t want to cut the subsidies that the working people got for their fuel for their cars and heating their homes.

    He did cut the budget through austerity programs. But not as much as the IMF was proposing so many money interests in Ukraine wished to go with the Western Plan to cut more and squeeze the poor more like they have in many European countries and here, in the U.S.

    Were the programs proposed by the International Monetary Fund any better for the workers?
    The IMF was proposing austerity too but, their cuts would simply have benefited the rich more.
    So, the U.S. and Western powers created a coup in Ukraine.
    And now, we call Putin a liar and say Russia is entirely the blame?

    What has the new western backed Government in Kiev done to the 'illegal separatists' in Eastern Ukraine?
    They've bombed the living hell out of them- not just the rebels but innocent civilians that happen to live in Eastern Ukraine.
    Who benefits from another war in our World?
    Certainly not those that have their homes destroyed. Or have to bury loved ones.

    Weapon manufacturers benefit. Construction companies will have to rebuild what is destroyed. And who will provide those loans? The IMF? World Bank? At what interest? And who pays?

    When the U.S. spins their version of the events in Ukraine on American media, we hear that it's all Russia's fault and Putin is being unreasonable.
    Where are the investigative journalists?
    Where's WikiLeaks, the Edward Snowmen's, the Bradley Manning's to tell us the truth about the 'what' and 'why' and 'how' of Ukraine?
    They are side lined by being locked away, in jail, or anywhere and anything our country does to a person who's brave enough to stand up and tell us the truth.
    Where's Michael Hastings? Oh, he's dead. He died in a car 'accident' that some say was cyber hacking. For reporting on the CIA and others in our government?
    Snowden- Political asylum in Russia? A traitor? Or a whistleblower?

    The U.S. has our media just where they want it- deaf, dumb and stupid..or else.
    So, if you're not a democracy that the U.S. agrees with, you're not a democracy... for long.
    The U.S. has had years of experience at helping countries to become democracies that we agree with, as long as they side with the U.S., they can rest assured that their 'democracy' is safe from a coup.

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