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    Posted August 28, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana

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    Thursday Night & Where Are You?


    It is Thursday night and where are you?

    I know where I am.

    It is somewhere you are probably not expecting me to be.

    I am sitting in Mark's Den at my computer.

    That's right. I am once more out of the hospital and back home.

    The  laryngoscopy and the biopsy of the leasion in my larynyx went off  without a hitch on Wednesday afternoon. No results yet, but there is  optimism.

    I  am, however, on strict orders to not talk, not even a whisper, for  three to five days. I must use a pad and pen to communicate. Frankie and  Gizmo are not understanding why Daddy is not making a sound.

    The  hospitalist, Dr. Kumar, taking care of me this time around in the  hospital consulted with the ENT specialist, Dr. Roseff. Dr. Kumar was  told as soon as I could swallow again I could be released from the  hospital to wait on the outcome of the biopsy and subsequent treatment.

    On  Wednesday I began drinking and eating some strawberry sorbet and  gelatin. I also managed to down some beef broth yesterday evening. At  the time I knew nothing of the order to turn me loose once I could  swallow.

    This morning I managed to eat a couple more sorbets as well as to down a 24-ounce cup of coffee with no issue.

    Later  in the morning, Dr. Kumar dropped by to check on me. I asked him by  writing the questions on a pad of paper, since I was eating and drinking  about switching from a clear liquids diet back to mechanical soft and  being able to take my pill medication.

    The response took me back.

    The doctor not only said no problem with that, but he thought he would send me home today.

    And he did!

    Since  arriving home, I have drank two Ensure strawberry shakes. I have eaten a  cup of vanilla pudding. Drank some Mountian Dew. I also fixed some  macaroni and cheese and ate a good portion of that meal.

    At  the hospital up until the last minute I was on IVs both to keep me  hydrated and to provide nourishment. The IVs did the trick.

    I am much stronger now. In fact I am stronger today than when I was released from rehab last Friday.

    Great Lakes Caring home healthcare will be back tomorrow afternoon and once more be managing my care.

    I have to get new scripts for new meds and refills on all my meds from my primary care physician yet.

    I  also will be following up with an ENT, Dr. Drake, on Monday, September 8  on treatment for my larynyx whether malignant or benign.

    So here am I in Mark's Den in the middle of the Cornfield.

    Where are you on this Thursday night?

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