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    Posted August 29, 2014 by
    Saint Paul, Minnesota
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    Are millennials ready to run?


    Is the millennial generation ready to run?


    We are the new kids on the block. Many public offices have age requirements in the 20s so it’s fair to say we are coming of age.

    We have starred in film and mastered arts. We have won at sports. We have succeeded in business. We are the Prometheuses of 21st century fire: the technologies we've dreamed and discovered and then shared. We have excelled in science and pushed frontiers. We are connected; we recognize one world, and I do feel that we don't do it alone “by our bootstraps” but we are ALL doing something together. For that reason it doesn't make sense why we hurt ourselves rather than help ourselves around the globe or hurt the globe – the environment – for that matter.


    What have we not done? Get elected.

    We need leaders. Representatives and executives. Do we have any leaders? We have a lot of bloggers and tweeters, singers and actors and dancers and players but think: who represents us in the public domain? In politics?


    Perhaps, you might say, a person of any age could represent your views but it would be hard to know the struggle and have the same sense of shared purpose. We grew up more connected than ever.

    People could say Mark Zuckerberg, the great connector. What would you say, Z-Berg? Is it your responsibility as a major tech firm CEO to be a public leader, too? Can you do it alone? We should have a conversation about it: mailto:bob4mnsos@gmail.com.

    To those of you in the online brigades of social change reading pages upon pages of up-to-the-minute content, I have a request. You may think you are changing the conversation by participating in social media or online forums like “Generation Opportunity” and “Independent Voter (IVN)” or battling with your words and ideas in mainstream news comment threads, but until you turn that conversation into positive action and outcome, you haven't done anything. We talk about it, but we haven't seen it yet.

    "You can't win as a third-party.” Do you know how many times I've heard "you can't win"? Let's say triple-digits. Do I believe them? No, of course not. Do you? What people - voters - seem to forget is there is only one true problem with the independent vote: the right candidate isn't running for which to vote. I like to say when asked why I am running: “I am running for office because you are not.” Someone has to run. (I happen to be qualified and ambitious; I think we can win.)

    If we are going to do what we all set out to do to make our worlds better places, to impact your world, then we simply have to start doing it. There is a job to do and your futures depend on it; it's time we apply ourselves. My request: run for public office and help elect the next generation of public leaders in this country. We are ready to serve.

    I am Bob Helland and I am the Independence Party of Minnesota's nominee for Minnesota secretary of state. We are the state's third "major" political party. I am 29 years old and could feasibly become the youngest elected statewide official in the country. That's only nominally important in that it provides a precedence for the news media to show that young people are qualified, talented and looking for work in the public offices of state, federal and local government. We can start a conversation about young independents. We just have to win and serve well in office!


    I approve this message.

    ~Bob Helland
    for Minnesota Secretary of State
    @sosbobmn on Twitter

    The endorsed nominee of the Independence Party of Minnesota, the "other" major party

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