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    Posted August 29, 2014 by

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    This is what Agent Orange looks like today a result of the VA and DoD crimes


    The truth of how the US Army DoD and the Department of Veterans Affairs knowingly accepted an Army applicant into the Army with Spina Bifida and other serious agent orange disabilities just so the VA and Army keep their secret of actually how many and who all have been exposed to agent orange during Vietnam War but wasn't in Vietnam. The location mentioned on the VA website is fallible and a blatant lie cause there are obviously more locations that the VA and Army wants to prevent the public and all of us who are directly affected by this fact of other areas where agent orange exposure was known to be in other countries beyond just the mere countries listed by the Department Of Veterans Affairs. I'm a prime example and the VA is still lying to me and I'm also a war Veteran with PTSD as just to top it off with a whole lot of agent orange diseases that's showing up more as I get older. Each year is always another agent orange disease or condition I'm noticing starting with being diagnosed with a birth defect at age 23 (Spina Bifida) almost 3 years after I entered into the Army. The Department of Defense doctor saw a curvature in my back at the time of my physical exam and she acted all tough at first and immediately as soon as she saw my back then she acted shocked and asked a 20 year old "what is that" on quote. Now this is partly my reasoning for never wanting to been seen by any doctors associated with the VA nor DoD. The US Army accepted me with waiver for being underweight (US Army broke the law by doing this) but I wasn't diagnosed with Spina Bifida until after I returned from Iraq when I got injured while running during a PT test for my E-5 promotion but I guess they knew I wasn't going to get a promotion since my back felt like my spinal cord was moving up and down loosely under my skin with such pain and anguish I experienced that day and honestly I still go through it on and off even today but its not as painful. The VA in Daytona falsely accused me of being suicidal, the VA in Daytona lied to a cop so that he came to a location out of his jurisdiction (illegal act) illegal port of entry as it states in the Constitution in regards to without probable cause and he threatened to send me to take some tests at a hospital or to contact congressional office, all of this was based on VA lies that they later that same day apologized for reporting me suicidal when I clearly told the VA always that I'm Not suicidal. I never accepted their apology and I told the VA rep that I don't want this to ever happen again. Yet the VA social worker sent me a falsified letter stating that I said something in this same incident on 03/26/2012

    That I never said and the fact that I would never say that, I'd never harm myself nor others. I'm way to confident in myself to ever think anything of that manner. It's absurd how ignorant the Department of Veterans Affairs can be to falsely accuse me of anything and they get to continue to spread these lies about me to the cops and I never had a criminal record or is that's why the VA did it cause it was an easy murder attempt to kill me so that their secret about agent orange doesn't go world-wide and everyone will know the illegal practices the VA and DoD have been operating over the years. That whole incident was the VA first time they tried to plot to murder me (automatically). Of course the VA failed so a year later Dean Ehly (social worker) supposedly worked at Daytona VA medical clinic (2013) currently I have a formal complaint with the VA OIG it's almost 6 months now and I just got a confirmation letter. I will never trust the VA nor the US Army. This extreme type of betrayal the VA and DoD has done to me is constantly making all of my agent orange disabilities much worse and when I call about my appeal the VA hang up the phone on me while I'm talking and it sounds like people are talking in the background during the whole (short) conversation. I'm an Iraq War Veteran and these ignorant people who work at the VA are intentionally trying to plot to get me out of the picture for good so they can avoid the truth being recognized globally. I'm going to continue to expose the Department Of Veterans Affairs,there is nothing anyone can say or do to stop me cause this truth must be revealed and made known to all cause who knows how many young people are directly affected by the VA lies and coverups and Bush and Cheney are at fault as well especially in my case cause I was selected to go to Iraq (3 week notice). They sent me over there to fight in a war based on Bush and Cheney lies and coverups (correlation) the VA and DoD was working with Bush and Cheney in this whole event. The continual coverup of agent orange should be made transparent but its not and they are still covering it up while Veterans and our families are dying of agent orange diseases that have never been diagnosed by their so-called great doctors that doesn't even know what Spina Bifida and Parkinson's Disease, ALS looks like, but yet they see it and say and do nothing but let War Heroes die without their proper diagnosis and without the benefits we so rightly deserve. Let it be known that I'm one War Veteran who will get my benefits and get the proper respect that I deserve with diagnosis (even if I have to diagnose myself) of all my agent orange disabilities way before I'm old and gray. I never committed a crime and I never drink, I never smoke, I never did drugs, I don't use profanity at all. I know I have a long time to go against the VA and DoD and Army and Bush and Cheney in a court of law and my constitutional rights will be upheld rightly as I know the truth and will express this truth at all costs, no matter what people say I know I'm right about this critical issue. Agent orange is a form of genocide which is defined by law deemed illegal to obtain and be stored, the VA coverup is sure incompetence and a serious international crime. I have rapid facial hair growth (lip to neck) and I had my skin opening from inside out , two fingers stiffened and prolonged and other similar symptoms of early onset of Parkinson's Disease, and other agent orange disabilities its clear to see and I'm noticing more and more as I get older. The only option is for the VA and DoD and Army to get prosecuted for these crimes. I sincerely hope all those who are involved in this coverup and who are continually torturing me get the death penalty. Life in prison for these heinous crimes is unjustifiable.


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