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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    When the time ever comes that Israel finally gains enduring peace with its Arab neighbors; when deadly Muslim extremism against Israel ends and there is no longer hate for Israel anywhere among Arabs; when Arabs fully accept the right of Israel to exist in peace side by side with them; when there is no possible way that such a peace - if ever achieved - will return to the unending Arab-Israeli conflict that has been a reality for every single of Israel's six decades of existence, I will then retract everything I have said in the past to the contrary, believing as I do that such an evolution of events will never be possible.
    Instead, my belief, which is constantly being confirmed by repeated Middle East events, is that, among the Arab majority, deadly hatred for Israel endures with no realistic hope that it will ever change. Even if for pragmatic reasons of sheer survival some Arabs are compelled to agree to deceptive truces or cease-fires, these Arab's underlying bitterness and hatred for Israel persists, however much it may be suppressed whenever the overwhelming might of Israel's armed forces threatens and strikes brutally hard.
    In this regard, history has taught the world that, however mighty and punishing an army can be, it cannot destroy a hardened ideology. This can only suppress it temporarily on the strength of brute force, which gives the ideology a greater inherent strength and increases its adherents’ underlying bitterness and feelings of injustice. We need to keep in mind that Islam is not just a religion but also a firmly set religious ideology. Part of this ideology involves the hardened, intractable belief that "Allah" is Supreme, with his true religion of Islam destined eventually to rule the entire world beginning with the Middle East.
    Within such a sweeping ideological agenda, there is then no place in the Middle East for Israel and its exactly opposite Tanakh-based ideology and culture. Hence the stark reality will remain that nothing will please the majority of Arab Muslims and their universalistic ideology more than to see - at worst - Israel and the Jews destroyed everywhere; or - at best - hit hard with as much adversity and catastrophe as possible.
    Yet, equally as history has taught the world that the might of an army cannot destroy a long-entrenched ideology, it has also taught that the only way any ideology can effectively be displaced is by a greater, more appealing and compelling ideology. We saw this happen in the history of Greece and Rome as their idolatrous ideologies were effectively dispelled and displaced with the rise of the New Covenant Judaism of Jesus the Messiah - otherwise inaccurately known as "Christianity."
    Tragically, because Israel has not yet understood how the New Covenant Judaism of Jesus can effectively become its best hope of peace and redemption, it struggles - blindsided by a misplaced trust in a strictly Jewish-ethnocentric Sinai Covenant ideology. This blindness in Israel against the Judaism of Jesus is not due to a lack of effective power in Jesus' Judaism. Instead, it is the result of 20 centuries of Jewish ignorance of relevant portions of Israel's own Jewish Bible from the time of Jesus' first appearance in Jewish history as well as to an irrational, emotional, and obsessive anti-Christian, anti-Paul, and anti-Jesus bitterness that for two thousand years still continues as a most unhealthy obsession possessed by Israel and the majority of Jews.
    This Jewish Bible ignorance and irrational obsessive bitterness is such that even the most intelligent of Jewish learned scholars exhibit such ignorance and hang on to the obsessive bitterness and irrationality that is contradicted by actual facts. See, for example, my iReport on “Simon Schama.” Click on this link:




    However, on a hopeful note, I do believe that Israel will eventually catch on to Jesus as its Savior and Redeemer Messiah. Israel's tragic blindness against Jesus will then fall off. Only God knows when this will happen. However, I have reasons for believing that this is only a matter of a few years - perhaps five or less at the most.
    In any case, I do not believe that Israel will ever find anywhere a more powerful counter-ideology to Islam than the New Covenant Judaism of Jesus the Messiah. Israel's present obsolete Sinai Covenant ideology is most definitely not working. Such an ideology is firmly grounded in an outdated and strict Jewish ethnocentric past.
    During Israel's classic "Tanakh" biblical times, up to the advent of Jesus the Messiah and his establishment of the New Covenant, Sinai Covenant Judaism was essential and necessary. However, a contemporary Israel no longer in classical biblical times and centered on this long-obsolete ethnocentric ideology is now finally being discovered by perceptive Israeli Jews to be anachronistically chauvinistic. See my iReport on Israel’s 1960s-Style Counter-Culture. Click on this link:




    On the other hand, at least Islam's Koran reveres Jesus as a prophet. Moreover, while the Judaism of Jesus affirms the exceptionalism of the Jews as the original oracles and witnesses of God for announcing his salvation to the world, the Judaism of Jesus is not chauvinistically Jewish but universal in its outreach, yet in such an ingenious way that Jewish identity is not abolished. Hence, while preserving Jewish identity, the New Covenant Judaism of Jesus is at the same time an egalitarian movement that invites and easily brings into its peaceful fold as many as possible from every race and people of the world, which of course includes Arabs.
    Moreover, while Arabs who embrace Sinai Covenant Judaism are surely an oddity, Arabs who trust and believe in Jesus are commonplace around the world. Obviously then, this automatically renders American peace mediation efforts useless in Palestine and makes Jesus the best Arab-Israeli peace mediator. For this reason, as long as Israel insists on maintaining its alienation against its Messiah Jesus and against his New Covenant Judaism, and depends solely in America and its obsolete, Jewish ethnocentric Sinai Covenant Judaism, Israel's quest for achieving peace in the Middle East will continue to be an enduringly hopeless and Quixotic quest.

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