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    Posted August 30, 2014 by
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    President’s immigration plan: Your views

    Life for Africans in Malaysia

    At this point in life am beginning to get so worried and depressed about the world we are living in togather and man's inhumanity to man and the world seems to turn a deaf ears and blind eyes to them. they ask people to come and visit and their doors are open for business tourists and educations but its like a call for a particular group of countries and individuals.
    The life of Africans in Malaysia is something so bad and tormenting, Africans leave their homes and countries in search for better live and greener pastures in Malaysia (just like they do in almost all countries in the world) When the arrive its like a welcome into Hell, from the airport in Malaysia the racism and injustice starts, many are deported like animals in an unwanted field canceling the visa your embassy in their countries has clearly issued them and many paying handsomely for it and even families selling off their belongings to send their sons and daughters to another country for a better life and all they get is deportation over unneccesaary issues, if they dont want Africans in their country why give them visa???
    If some who are able to make it from the airport are welcome into a life of cruelty and extortion, racial abuse police and gangster brutality. and lack of freedom.
    for example even with your valid visa , you can still be locked up, your money or valuables taken from you aggressively by those who suppose to protect and enhance good living.
    There are many issues to bring up but i just want to give this as an introduction or start up.
    Can an unannounced tour be taken into Malaysian prisons by UN or other world body to see and interview Africans who are locked and why they are there and the world will witness man's cruelty to man, even because of little or none criminal crimes Africans suffer and even die in detentions like dogs and no one cares,many cant even reach their families to help book the air ticket for them to go home as Malaysian government cant help and even embassys turn deaf ears and blind eyes to it even some families in their countries still have the hopes and aspirations that their sons and daughters are working hard to come home and live a better life without them knowing that their sons or daughters have been long dead and rotten,
    Note; In regards to africans commiting crimes in their so called countries, how do you want to survive and be a better person(with all the money the families has poured outfor them to make the trip)
    when you deny them work, good lives and freedom and even looked upon like aliens from another planet.
    Now Africa is suffering due to wars, political problems and even the deadliest of them all the "Ebola" virus.
    many Africans will want to go home but these problems are killing their people and many are afraid going home but still the Malaysian government cant pity those Africans and at least mellow down the rate of immigration arrest and deportations that is been down but instead its a more firepower to arrest them and deport them to go and suffer and die, is that human?? am not refering to criminal cases but immigration and visa cases. Even Africans so called ambassadors are not really helping matters, dont know is that because they are afraid of their government or still the corruptions and has eaten deep into African leaders!!
    Am not saying they should not arrest criminal and be jailed but all protocols should be taken which includes going to court and the verdict pronounced cos some have not even been charged nor remembered.
    Those having visa problems why not pity them and allow them stay for some while and help save lives than locking them up, some dieing and some deported to go and die!!.
    There many things to point out but i wish to stop here for now, till i see the need.

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