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    Posted August 30, 2014 by
    New Jersey

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    Democratic Party Spams Supporters


    In a world constantly reminding us to "do our part" and be mindful of the power of the many working as one for the greater good, this power sometimes gets distorted under the aspirations of overzealous marketing campaigns. One such marketer is Barack Obama. He's a friend of mine! How do I know this? He and his wife email me regularly, asking for my help by name in each heading. While these pandering emails have only elicited as much as an eye roll in the past, recent redoubled efforts to garner my unwavering support, be it through some action or monetary pledge, have caused concern. Yesterday, I received no less than 13 emails from dccc.org, with some using the names Nancy Pelosi and James Carville, quite literally begging and pleading for my support, Mind you, I also get emails from Publishers Clearing House warning I am throwing away my chance at 2 million dollars, but even they email less than my buddy Barack and his crew. Point of fact, dccc.org emails me more than 8 retailers COMBINED, in one day. So here is my own plea. Nancy, Barack, James...we go way back. I know this because you call me by my first name. Since we are such good friends, I hope you will take my sincere advice to heart. Don't be so pushy...needy...beggy. You had my support before, but latching on like this makes me want to put the chain on the door and shut the lights, pretending I've moved away when you come by for beers. If this isn't you emailing personally, fire whom ever is in charge of this spam campaign. It is a nuisance and I'm positive it is going a long way to damaging your campaign. Your last email where you proclaim "I need you" went directly to my spam box! What is to happen when you REALLY need me??! I'm not the only one getting these emails, so be on the lookout for more messages just like this...which will probably be slightly more annoyed ...and use far more colorful language. Your pal, Paul.

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