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    Will Isa Qassim pass an undemocratic Fatwa to regain support for Alwefaq?


    AlWefaq went ahead with another unauthorized rally this weekend. The USA, UK, UN and EU are under the ‘misconception’ that this small group of people represents the entire nation. The fifty or so people who turned out on Friday, 29th August, reluctantly displayed banners about manipulating demographics, but did not go near the proposed rally site. Perhaps a questionnaire would have revealed how many of them are naturalized citizens.


    What is alarming is that people like Saeed AlShehabi (a naturalized British citizen) makes racist remarks against the Bahrain government while living a life of luxury in the UK; which is considered a tolerant multi-cultural society.Charges should be brought up against AlShehabi and his group, for terrorist links, condoning violence in Bahrain and encouraging the radicalization of youth.


    AlWefaq appear to be nervous about their dwindling support – they have failed their followers who now reject Isa Qassim’s fanatical stance and choose the liberal government to ensure long lasting peace and progress. The educated youth of today do not want to see politics led by religion leaders who accept orders from higher powers working on an evil agenda. Most of the Shi’a community do not believe in the Welayat AlFaqih but are threatened into silence. They reject the idea that Isa Qassim takes instructions from Khamenei at the expense of the livelihoods of ordinary, men, women and children who live in Bahrain.


    Recently, AlWefaq began campaigns in an attempt to drag parliament down. One was the announcement of people to have more children; the other is the naturalisation process. In an attempt to draw more attention, Ali Salman then deleted his tweets. So while their agents in the West market these campaigns and some hoodwink the social media public into thinking they have gone on a hunger strike – AlWefaq is playing for time – they have lost momentum and can only play the distraction game while they draw up a new plan.


    There are reports that key Bahraini Shi’a family members from AlFardan, Al Haiki, Bin Rajab and Al Asfoor may be part of parliament. This would be a huge blow to AlWefaq’s strategy and perhaps their recent comments have been made in the hope to divert attention from this progressive move by major Shi’a community members who challenge AlWefaq’s one-sided ideology.


    Alwefaq is a small group who claim to represent the people of Bahrain – they do not! For any political group to threaten the government by suggesting that they will participate only if their demands are met is ludicrous. Why AlWefaq are even being entertained is remains a mystery. They should be ignored into submission and told in no uncertain terms that they must come down back to earth and behave in a civilized manner.


    So desperate are AlWefaq that with the rising tensions in the Middle East, the UK and USA, focus is firmly on Iraq and Iran. AlWefaq is desperate for outside support by focusing on topics they believe will stir the West. Nabeel Rajab attempted to stir emotions in Ireland and failed – people can see through these false allegations. Their main source of support was the US Ambassador Thoman Krajeski and Tom Malinowski – both of whom are believed to still be in touch with members of AlWefaq, but their local fan base has diminished.


    Isa Qassim may be cornered by the actions of Ali Salman and the masters and, as he did before, may pass a Fatwa to ensure that Shi’a vote for AlWefaq. This would be a dangerous miscalculation on his part, as it will become clear to the West that AlWefaq is not about democracy and they are merely Iran’s puppets in Bahrain.


    For the sake of safety, security and a return to a thriving economy, it really is time for Bahrain to make a firm stance and remove AlWefaq once and for all. Only time will tell and there is no time to waste. The voices of people from all walks of life must be heard



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