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    CHULA VISTA, California

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    76 year old woman with alzheimers dementia was violently kidnapped from her guardian on march 11, 2013 in Chula Vista, CA. Prior to her kidnapping she was assigned a conservator and a conservatorship lawyer named John Scott Smith. I reported the kidnapping to the Chula Vista and the National City police department, the District Attorney’s office in Chula Vista and San Diego and to the Adult Protective Services. I was unable to receive help from any of these sources because everywhere I went they all said that John Scott Smith said my mother was ok with her abductors, not respecting the orders of the judge. He abused his power as an attorney.

    Due to his negligence she was recently found on July eighth 2014 at “ Lopez Barbershop” by a fire inspector and police during a welfare check, where they heard a knock on the wall and a voice behind a wall that said she was locked in a room and could not get out. When the police went to the door they found it barricaded by furniture and locked. She admitted to being locked in without food, water and her diabetic medication and had not seen sunlight for days. Her kidnappers tried to resist, delay and obstruct a peace officer a public officer and a medical technician attempting to not let them do their job. Police brought her into a local hospital where she was seen by a social worker, MD Rocio Flores and MD Jose Pena and yet they released her back to those criminals, stating that they released her to them because they are the the ones who provide care for her. A report was also sent to Adult Protective Services whom to this date have not helped. The original charges were: 1) “Willful cruelty to elder/dependent adult- great bodily injury or death” Being aware that this is an elder and the circumstances that they had her in were likely to produce great bodily harm or death still wilfully and unlawfully caused and permitted the elder to suffer inflicting unjustifiable physical pain, mental suffering and placed her in such situation endangering her health. 2) “ False Imprisonment” Unlawfully violated personal liberty of the elder. 3) “Resisting an Officer” Wilfully and unlawfully resist, delay and obstruct a peace officer, a public officer and a medical technician attempting to not let them do their job. with wilful cruelty to elder causing harm or probable death. After all this cruelty against this senior the kidnappers used their victim, who has alzheimers dementia, to dismiss these criminal charges against them and remove her restraining order against them as well. Till this day my mom still lives threatened with her kidnappers. This is only ten percent of what I know has really been happening to my mom since I am being denied the police report.
    Conservatorship from January 16th, 2013- September 6, 2013. Case # 37-2012-00152285-PR-CP-CTL
    Police Case # from 1st kidnapping: 130003571 on date March 11,2013
    Police Case # from 2nd kidnapping : 1404124 on date July 8th,2014
    Court Case for Criminal Charges # CS27359 on July 10th, 2014
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