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    Posted August 30, 2014 by
    Naples, Florida

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    Thinking of Introducing a Heating System to Your Pool? Here’s What You Need to Know…


    Here in Florida, we’re blessed with wonderful long summers, where temperatures often soar into the 90s. As a result, swimming pools require no heating during these months; in fact, it’s a highly pleasurable experience to dive into cool waters after a long day out in the sun.


    However, when the winter months start drawing in, swimming pools in Florida tend to get used less and less; with many people choosing not to use them at all from November to March.


    If you’d like to be able to use your pool all year round (and indeed, why not; after all, it’s a significant investment and you want to feel that you’re getting value for your money) then a pool heating system might be the answer, as told by pool service company Bay Area Pool Service.


    The Advantages of Investing in a Pool Heating System
    Extend the time you spend in the pool. This is the major advantage. Rather than pulling the cover over your pool in November and leaving it firmly in place until a few months later, a heat pump will allow you to keep the pool at a pleasant temperature, providing you with all year round usage. So, if you wanted to enjoy that Christmas pool party, you still can!


    Make the water more comfortable for young children. If you’ve got young children or babies, you’ll probably want to get them used to the water, but you’ll no doubt be reluctant about exposing them to cold temperatures. A heat pump system will raise the temperature of the water to pleasant levels, providing the perfect environment for your young ones to splash about in to their heart’s content.


    More comfortable for those with health problems. If you’ve recently suffered health problems, and you’ve been advised to engage in low impact exercise, then you’ll probably be keen to do some gentle laps in your swimming pool. However, if the water is freezing, then it’s likely that your medical practitioner will advise you against using it, as the cold may have a detrimental impact on your health. If you have a heat pump installed, you can raise the temperature of the water to comfortable levels and use the pool to help restore you to optimum health.


    Reverse cycle systems to maximize investment. Some heat pumps actually feature a reverse cycle system. What does this mean? It means that your pool is not only heated in the winter months, but cooled in the summer months, which makes your swimming experience even more pleasurable throughout the year.


    Thinking About Investing in a Heat Pump for Your Swimming Pool?
    If you want to find out more about how you and your family can benefit from installing a heat pump into your swimming pool, then the next step is to talk to a local expert. When you’re researching local suppliers, seek out those who sell only top rated heat pumps, as this means you’ll be investing in a heating system for your pool that is built to last and functions to optimum standards.

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