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    Tampa, Florida

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    Get Active! Why It’s So Important to Ensure That Your Child is Getting the Exercise they Need


    Most people in the USA are aware that obesity is on the rise, and a major area for concern is the increase of obesity in young people (below the age of 16). Exact figures are still unclear, but it is thought that approximately 20% of young people across the country are now clinically obese and as a result, facing serious health problems in the future.


    How Does Regular Exercise Help?
    Of course, a healthy diet for your children; one that is low in fats, salts and sugars, and features plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish and lean meat, is known to help considerably when it comes to combating obesity.

    However, regular exercise is every bit as important for your kids, and it’s vital to encourage them to get out and about and active as much as possible! Teaching your children that regular physical activity is important from an early age will help them to develop a positive attitude to exercise, increasing their chances of being active as adults.


    Being physically active will not only lessen the chances of your child suffering from obesity, it will also help with other health issues says Doctors Express in Tampa Bay, Florida. A sedentary child is more likely to develop asthma, joint problems and, in the long term, conditions such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, and even Type II Diabetes.


    Outlining the Benefits of Physical Activity
    In addition to the physical benefits, there are lots of other advantages to getting active when young. These include:
    Promoting the development of strong muscles and bones.


    Improving posture and flexibility
    Developing balance and motor skills
    Improving stamina and fitness


    However, there are also psychological and mental benefits. Active kids tend to enjoy better sleep and are able to relax more effectively. They’re often more confident, with better self-esteem than their sedentary counterparts, and they are likely to have good social skills, as many activities are often based on teamwork and collaboration.


    How Can Parents Help?
    There are plenty of ways in which parents can help their children to get active.


    1. Set a good example. Children learn from the behavior of their parents. Act as a good role model and get active yourself, or better still, enjoy a fun physical activity with your child, even if it’s only walking to the park or kicking a ball in the garden.


    2. Make the most of the Pre-Sport Physical. Here in Florida, you’re required to take your child for a pre-sport physical before playing the sport of their choice. See this as a valuable opportunity to not only assess their current levels of fitness, but also a chance to talk to an expert about the ways in which you can help your child to keep active.


    3. Limit time in front of the TV or computer. Busy, chaotic lifestyles make this tricky at times, but it’s really important to limit the amount of TV your child is watching and instead, encourage them to play in the back yard.


    Worried About Your Child?
    If you’re worried about the general health of your child, or if you’d like to book a pre-sport physical, then book an appointment with your local medical clinic today.

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