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    Posted August 30, 2014 by
    St. Petersburg, Florida

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    The Radiesse Experience: The Advantages of Radiesse and What to Expect During the Procedure


    Nobody should have to endure the pain of low self-esteem as a result of feeling insecure about their appearance. It is a crippling emotion to put up with, day after day, and it can make sufferers feel helpless, self-conscious and depressed.


    Of course, many aspects of our appearance we can correct ourselves, such as losing weight, dying our hair or using make-up to emphasize our good points and smooth over the not so good points! However, when it comes to wrinkles, particularly deep ones; the answer isn’t quite so easy. Wrinkles are, of course, an inevitable part of growing older, but certain lines of the face can be incredibly aging and can lead to feelings of deep insecurity.


    What Does Radiesse Do?
    Radiesse is a filler, but unlike other types, it’s completely non-toxic and non-allergenic, and it’s also biocompatible. It really helps to plump and smooth out wrinkles, particularly those around the lips and nose, and it can also be used to fill scars in some cases. It’s particularly effective on those between the ages of 35 and 60, and achieves really noticeable results in 80% of cases.


    It’s a popular choice of cosmetic surgery, because it’s a very quick, relatively painless procedure and lasts for two years, sometimes more. Considering the longevity of the effects, it’s actually a relatively cost-effective option too.


    What to Expect Whilst Having the Procedure
    Obviously, when booking your appointment to have the Radiesse treatment with a professional like Dr. Adams in St. Pete, Florida, it’s imperative to select a qualified doctor to undertake the task. If in doubt, review his or her credentials carefully and don’t feel embarrassed to ask them how many times they have performed the procedure. The likelihood is that a good doctor will have a portfolio of ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots to show you; to ensure that you feel confident that you’ve found the right person for the job.


    Your Radiesse treatment will take place in the doctor’s surgery, so there is no need to go to a hospital. You won’t need general anesthetic and in most cases, local anesthetic should suffice. The entire procedure takes around 20 minutes, and the only discomfort you’ll experience is a mild prickling sensation from the needle injection.


    After the treatment, you might experience slight swelling and bruising in the treated areas, but this will normally subside within two days. If you experience any unusual or significant pain that gets progressively worse, it’s important to tell your doctor immediately; however, be assured that the procedure is far safer than many other surgical treatments.


    You’ll really start to see the results after a week, when the filler has settled. You can expect the results to last two years or longer; after which, you’ll need to have repeat treatment to maintain your smoother appearance.


    Booking Your Radiesse Treatment
    When booking your Radiesse treatment, it’s important to do your research first. If possible, seek out recommendations from those who have had the procedure before, or look online to see which cosmetic doctors in your area offer the treatment. Remember to ask for credentials and don’t be afraid to ask to see certification.

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