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    Posted August 30, 2014 by
    Mineola, Nassau County, New York
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    Nassau County Man Victim Police Brutality & D.A. Prosecutor Misconduct

    Nassau County resident arrested for robbery on way to Office w/ his fiancee, then charged w/ Assaulting 2 cops & obstruction at police headquarter, running red light, not signaling, and DWI. Nassau man and fiancee testify to Grand Jury. Nassau County D.A. uses copy of copy tainted police VHS tape of man beaten by unprovoked police attack on police station video to Grand Jury led to believe is original tape, no true bill on Assaults but on perjured testimony of cop Bailey man signed DWI refusal GJ says bring DWI & obstruction charge in district court after 3 months after arrest. Man immediately demands speedy trail. Subsequently traffic charges and DWI dismissed, leaving only obstruction charge for trail.. Years later before trial, Forensic audio-video expert Frank Piazza is told by Nassau D.A. to come and examine original police VHS tape. Mr. Piazza finds tape is a copy of a copy w/ deletes in front and end of tape. Another forensic expert, Brian Neumeister in pre-trial hearings is given copy from legal aid and finds video and audio on copy of tape do not match. Before trial, Nassau County D.A. solicits sworn deposition from cop Nicholson, police video lab tech that tape is original w/ no deletions or additions before trial for obstruction Class a misdemeanor in District Court before Judge Kluewer. In pre-trial hearings Judge Prager talks w/ police department and decided 911 calls and police radio transmissions to robbery in Elmont when man arrested is not important and says tape means nothing in mans defense. D.A. does not disclose another prisoner, witness at police headquarters to unprovoked attack on man leaving him disabled, exculpatory evidence. Defendant's attorney, Jeffery Groder abruptly rests defense not calling fiancee and defendant to testify on own behalf when strategy all the time was that defendant demanded as well as fiancee. While arguing in hallway jury comes back guilty. Martin Goldberg of Franklin Square is now representing convicted man of obstruction in appellate term. Appointed appeal attorney Goldberg states to defendant he has over thirty years expertise is civil rights and criminal appeals and that 440 motion may be needed of ineffective counsel by legal aid and Groder as well as all facts and points of law in lower court motions and direct appeal site federal law for federal court review on habias corpus. Supporting documentation, court transcripts is on www.longislandreferral.com and more transcripts come on weekly documenting this travesty of due process and civil rights in Nassau County, New York leaving this USAF service connected disabled Veteran on Social Security Disability losing his home, and two careers. The Nassau County Police Department and District Attorney are so powerful that judges fear them. If you were a victim of police brutality or prosecutor misconduct / or appointed a lawyer that did not represent your interests, email CNN w/ your story because this has to be stopped. And only the federal government will do something about it when enough victims come forth. Email your story to rwmconsultants@gmail.com, even if you were talked into taking a plea bargain. More to come...
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