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    Avon Park, Florida

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    How Mankind Will Reach Eternity

    How Mankind Will Reach Eternity

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    What I am trying to describe in my abilities our future mission of conquering the universe, by establishing longevity. Today space travel and NASA is based on man's limitations due to the lack of longevity or our short lifespan. But I suggest at least two facts to consider, we will soon be able to make life's expectancy at least 150 years and I am confident that act my current my level of medical technology, it will allow me to repair any human life that is still intact. And in the future with any DNA, we should able to revive anyone from the past. This is simply and rational to understand.

    Meaning people who are quadriplegic for example will walk again. We begin to re-teach the medical community and redesign our healthcare system to maintain and repair, to insure greater universal productivity. By reducing healthcare cost and increasing people's quality of life and their ability to enjoy sex, which I believe will be a important motivator for many to continue to have the desire to live, it will allow our minds develop to a higher enlightenment. The key? I believe the longer we maintain a healthy mind by maintain a healthy body, mankind intelligence level will become more Godlike as it develops. And we all will be like gods.

    Space travel will be base on not time in travel against man's longevity, but based on the ability to preserve a body during space travel, which will make it possible to travel a million light years in what may seem like a year or two. Because the theory is if we put them to sleep years at a time and preserve their bodies by freezing them and have the ability to revive it systematically. Where cannot we send mankind and with the technology we have to produce children in laboratories, where can we not populate once we arrive?

    Meanwhile we will break the code to the DNA, which will give us the ability of eternal life. But everybody cannot have this, because I refuse eternal conflict, which are oxymoron's. We cannot have both eternity and conflict and the bible, the master plan of the Illuminati and the sole purpose of Israel and the Jewish race as God's (Illuminati or Satan) chosen people, is to cause conflict. And for this reason Satan was the ruler of Earth, but not the universe. This he teaches among his flock, "we rule the earth, while these nations we created think they are in charge."

    Because mankind can never go beyond earth as long as he rules, because his economic strategy is to create conflict to start wars, to create arms build ups, to destroy whole nations, only to rebuild them over and over. Meanwhile, one week it is America as ruler and just the other week it was England and tomorrow China, but always it is Satan, just rotating around the earth while creating chaos and destruction.

    But now mankind has a higher calling and the next world is meant for those who answer our call. I am sorry if you believed the lie by Satan about some heaven based on eternal social programs to reward you for all your suffering, while under his rein of terror. But under my ruler ship, if you don't work you don't eat, but with 99% employment due to universal and affordable healthcare, which eliminates our current corrupt pharmaceutical industry, the need to have social security, replacing Medicare with Universal Obamacare and ending the need for buying weapons and guns and waste time doing constant research on new ways to kill, I will be able to make life whereby people need only the work a 4 days week and the vacation time is 90 days per year. But I believe with more healthy bodies and healthier and more powerful minds, this would bore them. People will beg for more challenges. Like the bible and fulfilling it made Satan a challenge, because of the things I had to do and the abilities I could not use at all times such as knowing what people think, but instead I had to walk by faith, only with what I knew but could not prove.

    I am talking about a world whereby we create energy from water without losses in the conversion process. Clean and plentiful energy for all of the world, ending the need to fight over oil. It is along these lines that we must form partnerships in, if we are to survive and become eternal beings of universal residency. This is the direction we have to go as a world nation.

    And what the Illuminati put this world through, I will not do to our new territories by teaching their world to obey a god of destruction and wars. Because it took actually took an act of God to save this world, from what Satan has done to it. Mankind came close to total destruction or the removal of the unneeded and unwanted people in this New World Order he planned, but he lost the Economic War, so he doesn't get his way. And what I have to offer, even he wants over his own bullshit. For a world to function it needs an economy, but this world was designed to require my direct services, I will not go all over the universe saving shit, because of corrupted Creation Theories of Satan, that will lead them to total destruction over time.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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