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    Posted August 31, 2014 by
    Los Angeles, California
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    Guns and children

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    I am about to develop a gut feeling that Founding Fathers had created The Second Amendment not only in response for citizens' concerns about their personal safety, but also to fulfill the free people needs of trade.


    Really, recently I have discovered from related to this theme iReport some friendly smile that "A gun is the tool of (police officer) TRADE". Cool. I had somehow believed they do not trade on duties, but just serve. So what?


    Now you better trade in as a response for any their reasonable suspicion and you would have a chance to continue your delayed by a free market education. Get benefited for free, cool?




    Recall Second Amendment and try to guess through centuries what was Our Founding Fathers main concern. I see that "... well regulated MILITIA  (A TRAINED RESERVES, but children and teenagers - TCC)  PROVIDES SECURITY OF (1) a free state, (2) the right of the People to keep and bear arms ... By the way in what age people "get capitalized", to be People?


    Your self-satisfaction from home teaching does not assign your child to become a MILITIA automatically and does not charge a child with the rights to decide where to go for shooting exercises next.


    Complicated? I am sorry, guys. Let us try First Amendment. That one is easier. You, as parents, teach a child, even army teaches, something like "Do not say, ... (too much)". Right, good habit, but not for everybody. Yes, we enjoy The Bill of Rights, but, first able, the Founders being politicians on duties, probably, said: So "LET THEM (FOLK) TALK". It could be truly considerable base. Why not? This way authorities allegedly would be just better informed.


    So, maybe, we have been receiving irresponsible traders - politicians, who just  have learned how to trade a weaponry from a childhood . But not everything is so bad, there is well prompted solution, arrived within CNN verified message, cited below.


    CNN Team of three, as of Sun August 31, 2014:
    "Mariupol, Ukraine (CNN) -- A U.S. lawmaker (Sen. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey) (felt its call - TCC) "We should be providing the Ukrainians with the type of defensive weapons that will impose a cost upon (Russian President Vladimir) Putin for further aggression." Duh. To scare the best U.S. Competitor and The Second World Leader?




    Since being in the rush to get better known for their efforts to rescue rest of the world our senators are not willing and even reluctant to do something for their own country, the slowly moving, but anyway reasonable anti-gun country uprising can help to keep money for our inner and maybe even social needs, who knows.


    So what can be easier than sending by each householder to the "suffering" from the lack of supply Ukraine their EXCESSIVE WEAPONRY. Let be honest before each other and admit that The Second Amendment neither provides householder safety, nor prohibit to share and cater such a questionable safety approach to the rest of the world. So let us leave shooting spree exercises to the police officers on duties, because shooting range will always provide you with any "not a toy" on your choice and caprice. Also having an addiction of making a weaponry collection you will never compete our police excessive power - really, not your business, sorry.


    From the other hand Ukraine, and even Syria are countries with big ambitions on the free market and anyway their weaponry on sale is preferably well known as typical. So if you decide to vote for Clintons send your gun to Syria, if you vote for another "D" or that "like always lumpy pancake" (see ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132159, verse 3 - get it), send your gun (and any U.S. labeled - China manufactured military uniform and related supply to resale) to Ukraine.


    At least this way you will serve something for your own country, and, even, maybe, the academic facility in your hometown or near to you, will struggle some shortness on any shooting supply in meantime before military conflicts would be relaxed.


    Tau Ceti Chief in Charge


    August 31, 2014

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