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    Posted August 30, 2014 by

    A Mathegyptian known as Babylun Dun has knowledge in numbers way beyond mathematic box and outside the scientific circle of views in today's educational and economical systems


    I know a Mathegyptian by the name of 'Aiy Pittmon. He presents mathematical knowledge and scientifical information that no one has ever seen. Mr.Pittmon teaches the supreme of the number 19 and the almighty powers of the number PI. He also knows and shows proof that PI the ratio of a circles' circumference to it's diameter equals 3.16. As recorded by the Eygptian Ahmes, Rhind papyrus. With Mr. Pittmons mathematical intelligence shared, it will help change the world views, values for measurements, instant improvement. Mr. Pittmon numericals includes;

    1) Proof of the circles / Square 3.60 degrees

    2) Proof of a pattern for primes

    3) Proof of a pattern for PI numbers

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