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    Posted August 30, 2014 by
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    More so than Anyone Else, the Black Community has Been and Continues to be Its' Own Worst Enemy!


    CNN I-Report: "Evidently the Only News Worthy Stories that the Black Community is Concerned With is anything that can be Blamed on Caucasians. In Contrast Black Criminals in Business Suits Receive Awards and Commendation!"


    CNN i-Report: "Truly Innocent Reputable Black Men, like Charles Belk, Women, and Children Violated by Agents and Officials of Government do not Receive the Support from the Black Community that individuals Like Incorrigible Michael Brown Receive!"


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    Selected comments:

    "Growing up in the inner city during the height of the Crack Epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s, the police were seen as public enemy #1."

    ".......on every other corner, in my community, the police were associated with planting evidence to justify murders and arrests, random strip searches on black men after a white woman was killed (by her white husband Charles Stuart), and general harassment for walking or driving while black"

    I'm a U.S. born descendant of slavery who has lived in the inner-city for a good part of my life, since the Watts Riot of 1965, and 1992.

    The sale and distribution of crack cocaine in inner-cities across the U.S., such as Compton, Watts, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, South Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, Harlem, Washington, DC, etc., etc., has been devastating to especially the Black community. The major assailants as well as victims of "Black on Black crime" that involves illicit drug sales and distribution, maiming, and killing, of U.S. born Blacks, are in fact other Black people, who have no respect for themselves and the Black community.


    YouTube: "Ex-Drug Dealers In Baltimore city/ Washington DC!!!!"


    YouTube: "Freeway" Rick Ross Interview, On Making $2 Million a Day & Gaining Loyalty"

    Drug Cartels, or if it is true the CIA was involved too, these outsiders could not make headway in the Black community without the assistance of treasonous Black men and women who front or work with drug cartels from around the world to bring illegal contraband, including illegal aliens into the Black community.

    Sure can't blame Caucasians, including officer Darren Wilson, for Black America's own treason from within.

    Although there are some rogue police officers, the majority of police officers respect his or her oath of office and are not rogue.

    In contrast the majority of Black elected officials, including treasonous university educated Black lawyers, are truly inept, disgraceful, treasonous and have done more harm to the Black community than any rogue police officer, the KKK, any racist could ever think or dream of doing to keep the Black community down and out.

    When any public servant violates the law the U.S. Constitution and most any State Constitution give any law abiding citizen the right to petition his or her elected representatives for redress. Should any Black man, woman, or child with a legitimate grievance petition his or her Black elected official for redress to hold agents and officials accountable, typically the response is:

    1. Game playing acts of deceit by Black elected officials and his or her public servant subordinates.

    2. Treason beyond belief.

    3. Making excuses to do nothing.


    YouTube: "O'Reilly blasts Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Black Caucus & Obama over problems in black community"


    CNN i-Report: "Worthless Racial Profiling Innuendo, has yet to Address Truly Serious Constitutional Violations! by Deadwiler56, posted July 28, 2009

    4. Worthless racial profiling nonsense that will not bring redress to any victim or resolve any grievance.

    5. You name it.....anything but upholding his or her oath of office to serve the truly law abiding and innocent.

    "What do the lenses that you watch this tragedy through reveal to you? Do you automatically think that Brown “must have done something” to provoke this shooting?"

    Michael Brown was no "poster child". It is certain that Michael Brown would be alive today had he not challenge the actions of Officer Darren Wilson. Black men, women, and children who comply with the directives of police when ask to do so, do not end up like Michael Brown.

    In the event any individual, especially any Black man, woman or child has a problem with any police office or any other public servant, instead of challenging a public servant, such as a police officer in the "street", which can result in your death, it would be better to obtain:

    1. The police officer(s) name and badge number(s) or equivalent information from any public servant.

    2. Make a formal record of all wrongful/illegal acts.

    3. Obtain the name(s) and contact information of any and all credible witnesses that will benefit your side of any civil claim for redress.

    4. File a claim against the appropriate jurisdiction where the activity took place.


    YouTube: "Ferguson Police Release Video Of Strong-Arm Robbery Connected To Michael Brown - America's Newsroom" uploaded by Mass Tea Party, Aug 15, 2014

    .......Make it a point to be law abiding yourself, so much so, that if any criminal activity takes place make sure that it involves anyone else but you. (Michael Brown's biggest mistake is that he was also involved in criminal activity)
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