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    Posted August 31, 2014 by
    Gray,, Louisiana

    Protect and Serve the Rich not the Poor

    Big business and law enforcement protect each other and not the victim. My father and I hired Tom Watkins attorney at law to help save our property from being stolen. It was being stolen by Bryon Talbot (BYRON E. TALBOT CONTRACTOR, INC. aka B.E.T. construction, Inc. ) and Carl J. Bourg Construction. BET construction illegally conducted the soil samples and hired Carl J. Bourg Construction to remove the soil. They used the dirt from our property for K&B Machine’s property, to build up the soil foundation of this new building without the proper permission. Our lawyer, Tom Watkins, was working for us and said he was going to sue all parties involved. After we paid Watkins, he said he wasn't going to sue them, additionally Watkin helped B.E.T. Construction in another made another dirt deal (soil removal) with them. While Watkins working for us, B.E.T. Construction and C. Bourg was stealing the soil; law enforcement stood by and did nothing, law enforcement told me if I go back on my property they will arrest me for harassment - while I was trying to prevent B.E.T. Construction and C. Bourg from stealing soil and personally owned equipment. We were forced to hire another attorney. The new lawyer, J.Rene Williams(attorney at law ), has been given me the run around. For a week, he has been telling me that the petition was ready. Supposedly the petition is to be for the family members that are not involved the illegal soil deal, that the property be split up, where the ones involved get the damaged property and the ones not involved get non-damaged property and sue the companies that are involved with stealing soil for past, present, and future profit from the property and all fees, lost wages, court cost, and lawyer fees. This is supposed to have been done before the deadline. For a week, I've been waiting to go in and review the petition. Now on Friday, after a week of him telling me its ready for me to review, Williams tells me that he doesn't need me to come in and review it. He also told me something totally different then what we agreed on, I believe he is trying to make us miss the deadline to properly file all parties that are involved. He ask why I need to review it, I told him, that my father and I need to make sure that all parties involved are on the petition. He did not do what we requested. I believe he failed to draft the petition properly intentionally so the businesses involved would not be named in the suit. B.E.T. Construction is owned by Bryon Talbot. By the way, Byron Talbot sits on the Louisiana Contractors Board and was appointed by Governor Bobby Jindal. I believe that the attorneys that I hired are intentionally breaching their fiduciary duty, so these companies could not be sued and protect the true identity of the business owners involved in the lawsuit. The first lawyer said at the beginning that criminal charges will be file, to this day no-one has been charged and I've been back and forth from the police department and nothing has been done. I have pictures and videos of actual incidences.
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