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    Guns and children

    'Kids and guns don't always mean bad things happen'


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Dan Roberts grew up having guns in the house, so when he had two children, he knew he wanted to teach them all about guns and gun safety. The single dad started teaching his daughter gun safety when she was 5. After she could recite the gun rules and had an understanding of what guns can do, about at age 6, he started taking her to a gun range. Shyanne’s natural talent turned into a passion and at age 10, she is now a competitive shooter, participating in events alongside adults.

    When asked how he feels about his daughter using a gun, Roberts said, “I feel very comfortable because I know she’s been extraordinarily well trained at how to be safe. I could have a fully loaded machine gun and she would not dream of touching it because the curiosity factor has been eliminated.”

    The video shows Shyanne participating in a drill at a two-day camp held by the US Practical Shooting Association.

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    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    I grew up in a household with guns. My father taught me basic marksmanship and safety at around 8 years old and allowed me to keep my own rifle in my room, with the warning that he would check it at random times and if he ever discovered me misusing or playing with it even once, there would be no second chances, no apologies, nothing, it would be gone for good. As a young teen, myself and numerous friends could be found walking down the shoulder of the road with our shotguns during hunting season and if a police officer came by, he would ask what we were doing, caution us to be safe, wish us luck and be on his way. And this was in NJ outside Philadelphia in the early 1980's, not exactly a hotbed of Pro 2A sentiment. Now, at 41, I have a ten year old Daughter who is a Highly Sponsored, Nationally recognized competitive shooter at an extremely high level. I started training her on the basic safety rules at age 5. Once she could recite and demonstrate them at random times on demand, I bought her her first .22 rifle for her sixth birthday. Over that first year between age six and seven, I noticed she had a natural talent for it and she expressed interest in entering some local shooting meets. In 2013 when she had only recently turned 9 she placed Second in the State in the Women's Division of a Statewide Match. She has trained under some of the best in the business, including attending a two day camp for Junior Shooters taught by an 11 time National Champion. She shoots with members of the Military and Law Enforcement Community on a regular basis and they observe that she is safer than many of their " Professional" coworkers. Now, at ten, she is traveling to Georgia at the end of October to compete with 200 of the top female shooters in the Country in a two day Pro Am Match. I have NO doubt whatsoever that I could leave a fully loaded gun of any type, including a fully automatic machine gun in her unsupervised presence and she wouldnt dream of touching it. Early education is the key to introducing kids to the fact that firearms can be dangerous if used inappropriately and removing the curiosity factor that so often leads to deadly accidents. Afterall, whats the first thing a kid does when you tell them not to touch something or try to hide it from them ? They wait for an opportunity to check out that which has been forbidden ! Childhood firearms safety and education used to be fairly common in various schools around the Country up until the 1970's. Yet the various Gun Control Groups become outraged and apoplectic if people even mention the idea of teaching kids in school how to be safe with firearms. That single policy position reveals the true nature of gun control supporters. If they really were as concerned with saving lives as they claimed, they would throw their support behind anything that might work, even if they didnt agree with it on a philosophical level. We can teach Fourth Graders ( and sometimes even younger) " Safe Sex" techniques in schools, but dont dare mention the idea of teaching firearms safety and awareness, even though there are many millions more firearms in private homes than there are elementary school kids experimenting with sex. The disconnect and hypocrisy is breathtaking

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