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    NBC Boots Modern Alternative Mama from Today Show Under Pressure?


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    After first appearing on NBC in a pre-recorded segment on natural living, Modern Alternative Mama blogger Kate Tieje was invited to speak in-studio on the Today Show set for a piece scheduled to record September 2, 2014, and air the next morning. The topic, she was told, was parents who opt not to vaccinate their children.


    However, Ms. Tieje was informed just hours before leaving for the airport that the network was going in another direction. Instead what aired on September 3rd was a Q&A session featuring Dr. Levine, who was representing the American Academy of Pediatrics.


    Due to the lack of counterpoint view on the segment, Dr. Levine and the Today Show hosts were allowed to make several factual errors without correction.


    1. A host stated that “measles was coming back” after having been eradicated.


    Correction: measles was never eradicated. In 2000 the CDC declared measles to be "eliminated" which means lack of continuous transmission for 12 months in a geographic area. There were still 86 case of measles reported to the CDC that year.


    2. A host stated that “pertussis was coming back.”


    Correction: pertussis infection has historically been cyclical. However, just as the use of antibiotics creates super bugs, the use of the pertussis vaccine created a mutated strain of pertussis. Further, pertussis can never be eradicated through vaccination because it is bacteria. One cannot become permanently immune bacteria through a needle any more than one can become immune to bacteria through natural exposure, which is to say, not at all.  Bacterial immunity is short-lasting.  Lastly, the CDC admitted in November 2013 that the current rise of pertussis infection is not due to people opting out of the vaccine, but is due to the failure of the vaccine to prevent infection and transmission of pertussis.


    3. Dr. Levine appealed to listeners with a personal story of how her grandfather was afraid he was going to die when he had polio.


    Correction: 95% of polio cases were asymptomatic. 4% showed symptoms, and 1% had lasting effect. Most cases of polio appeared as common cold. Polio was a summertime disease because of children exposed to DDT while working in fields became immunocompromised.  After the polio vaccine came onto market the CDC drastically narrowed the symptoms that qualified as polio, and deemed their own scientists the only people qualified in the country to diagnose polio, in order to artificially eliminate the number of cases reported. There are currently fully vaccinated children in southern California with "polio-like" infections.


    4. Dr. Levine stated that combination vaccines work with a child’s immune system.


    Correction: vaccines "in combination" do not "work with" a child's immune system. Children are not capable of producing antibodies until between 6 and 12 months of age.  For that reason they are born with a leaky gut which allows antibodies from their mother's breast milk to pass into their circulatory system. Any immune system stimulation prior to that is artificial inflammation that has caused the chronic disease epidemic that 1 in 6 children live with today.


    5. Dr. Levine grossly overstated the extent to which the vaccine schedule has been studied for safety.


    Correction: there has never been one single study on the vaccine schedule to show that the number of vaccines given on a single day or in the first 15 months is safe. Not one.


    6. Dr. Levine attempted to convince the listeners that vaccines do not cause autism by stating the development of autism is a coincidental “timing relationship” with receiving vaccines.


    Correction: there is no "timing relationship" between receiving vaccines and the development of autism except to say that vaccines cause the overwhelming vast majority of autism diagnoses. Unvaccinated children do not have a "timing relationship" of regressing into autism at the time their vaccinated peers are receiving the MMR. NBC knows full well that Dr. Bill Thomspon of the CDC came forward on 8/27/14 and admitted he and his co-authors omitted data showing black males receiving the MMR prior to the age of 3 had a 3.4 fold increase in autism, but did not ask Dr. Levine for comment on this breaking news.


    7. Dr. Levine stated that vaccines are tested for autism.


    Correction: vaccines are not "tested" for autism. There has never been one double blind study of children vaccinated and not vaccinated and followed for autism. There has never been one population study of the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated in America, despite the high pockets of 100% non-vax children in Vashon Island, WA and Malibu, CA.


    8. Dr. Levine stated that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established so that injured families do not have to go through the burdensome court system.


    Correction: Nothing is more burdensome than the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Further, the program was established under President Reagan when vaccine manufacturers, drawn into ligation whose awards far exceed the profits of their vaccines, threatened to cease making vaccines completely. In the name of "public health" the government established the program to pay parents who manage to make it through all of the hurdles and hire the very best expert witness, since that is what the NVICP boils down to: a battle of the expert witnesses. Not only did the government grant pharmaceutical companies complete immunity in vaccine injury, but they also excused the companies from paying for any compensation. The NVICP is funded by parents with a 75 cent tax on each vaccine sold, of which the government takes a 25% premium to use as it pleases.


    Click for the NBC video:  http://www.today.com/video/today/55980081#55980081

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