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    Posted September 10, 2014 by
    Bradenton, Florida
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    Something's Wrong With America


    by Joe Shea
    American Reporter Correspondent


    Generations of Americans have come to think of the American presidency as a rock and an anchor for our nation. Today that rock is becoming badly eroded by forces the Oval Office cannot control.

    Every day, on radio and television stations around the country and blanketing our entire population, a vicious propaganda campaign is targeting the American presidency on behalf of a small group of billionaires who have committed hundreds of millions of dollars to their project.

    This information should not be news to anyone. It is evident on the air, in the polls and if you will, in the air. It suffuses the national atmosphere, slowly choking off the oxygen of dissent and renewal that ordinarily drives change in America.

    You don't even have to ask who is behind it. In your American heart, you already know. The only question remaining is what you, the American people, are going to do about it.

    Indications are that you are going to re-elect the very Congress you hate, one member at a time, in all of the districts that they have held so securely for so long - with your approval.


    Each electorate in those districts, independently of anything else, are going to re-elect the same Members of Congress who make up the one you have come to detest for doing nothing, jamming up the works, shutting down the government and threatening our financial security.
    Nothing can stop this.


    The American people are as powerless to turn out their Members of Congress as they are to fight ISIS with BB guns. They may say they detest the inability of Congress to accomplish anything, but they will not vote to change its makeup.

    District by district, as they have always done, they will return the present majority to power and ensure the looming end of our democracy.

    Given that as a starting point, how can all Americans recapture control of our elected officials and shift their attention to our problems instead of theirs?

    How can we get them to see that the rich are getting richer at a frantic pace, while the middle class is slowly evaporating and millions more are joining the teeming ranks of the poor?

    Oh, yes, the banks are healthy. They took almost a trillion dollars of our money and then turned on us, snapping up our homes and cars and possessions for pennies on the dollar. They decimated whole neighborhoods, whole towns, whole counties, cities and states.

    They are wealthy and we are poor. Did you not notice that? Ultimately, you will - when you are poor. In the meantime, the greatest reformer this nation has ever known, the occupant of the Oval Office who has provided for our health and general welfare as the Constitution empowers him to do, is a rock that is being battered, cracked, chipped and destroyed.

    Amrica cannot survive if it abandons our President, and the handful of billionaires that hold the keys to so much of our information and wealth know that well. They want us to be poor and defenseless, as autocrats have since the beginning of time.

    Like the despotic kings of Europe from whom we thought we had escaped, they value a peasantry, not an engaged, and certainly not a militant, middle class.

    They know that no amount of persuasion can get you to turn out the present majority in Congress and like a good lake in Spring, churn up the bottom and bring the fish and all the creatures it supports back to life once more.

    You may think this analysis is overblown. You may not realize how many tens of millions of people the billionaires are working on every day, through the newspapers, magazines and radio and television outlets they own and the websites and social media companies they control.

    They are chipping away at your respect for our government, our President and our Congress at a fantastic pace. Each day, tens of thousands of Americans fall into their camp, joining the constant chorus of criticism and contempt these billionaires have for people who would raise their taxes, cost them money or organize their work force.

    If this is what you want, okay. But if it's not, at least talk to one of your neighbors, or your parents or your children or your spouse, or your cousin or your friend. Tell them you feel something is wrong but it's not with our form of government nor with the American people's unerring choice of a leader.

    As our President faces a myriad of challenges and the army of his critics grows ever stronger, there comes a tipping point from which there is no recovery. We will never again have a strong and honest President if you do not wake up very, very soon.


    Write Joe Shea at AmReporter@aol.com.

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