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    Posted September 19, 2014 by

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    Drew's development just before his "final jab" to the days afterwards


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    After you watch this Video ask yourself CNN - Fox News-NBC News - CBS News. Why are you a part of causing so much pain? You can have a Heart and prevent other families from ending up like this family in the Video. Americans are no longer naive and they Demand Justice, We are not asking for the truth, We know the truth.

    Social media is buzzing with the news of the CDC Whistle blower coming out 25 days ago, As Parents have known for years that Vaccines have caused injury and Death to their children. The Debate is over. Watch the Video X10,000

    The youtube buzz #hearthiswell is heating up and families cry out for justice.

    One person writes: "CNN and Fox News, for everyday you stand by your media black out. Innocent Parents will take their baby for a Vaccine shot and they will lose there baby, a human life taken from the family that loved them. Not only the parents but an aunt, an uncle, a grandpa, a grandma, they are all affected by the fact that the Vaccine Industry, CDC, NIH, and WHO all knowingly and deliberately poisoned and impaired their loved one, their baby.All for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. Fact, Vaccines are killing people, Vaccines are causing Brain Damage, CNN, You are part of American history, Your Silence speaks loud to millions of Americans. It is time CNN and Fox news, Break the Silence and Save a life, Save a family from losing their baby tomorrow."

    Another from Facebook says: "There is not one human being with common sense, that can deny this video being full proof that vaccines cause autism. There is no such thing as being completely normal one day and just snapping into a disorder the following day, without some deliberate cause. The only thing that happened between being normal yesterday and autistic tomorrow is and always was, an overload of poisons/ toxins/ chemicals/ heavy metals being injected straight into a delicate developing human beings bloodstream. That is NOT a trigger! THAT IS CAUSE!"

    Doctors and Nurses are starting to come forward and break the silence, eye witnesses to vaccine damage.
    One doctor on Twitter #CDCWhistleblower states, "I will no longer allow any pregnant patients of mine to receive a flu shot."

    Media Blackout Day- 25 Millions Cry Out on Social Media. Twitter #cdcwhistleblower #hearthiswell YouTube #hearthiswell Facebook

    We want Justice and we need the Un-American Media Blackout lifted.

    CNN be a leader and you go first, Save a baby, a family from Vaccine induced Brain Damage = Autism

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