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    What’s new in weddings: Trends in personalized favors for guests


    I – perhaps like many people – love weddings. Just a few years ago I attended an amazing wedding in New York City that pulled out all the stops. The mojitos were flowing and the waiters kept offering so many endless dishes of delectable delights that the guests began refusing the onslaught of food. It was the most elaborate ceremony I’d attended up until that point, and it taught me quite a bit about what is en vogue these days when it comes to celebrating a new marital union.


    For example, that huge wedding nearby the scenic bridges of Brooklyn and the amazing Arnold Palmer drinks and barbeque of Harlem was where I learned how cool and popular yet unique of a tradition it is for couples to personalize their wedding favors with the names of the bride and groom – along with the date of their special unforgettable day. The main couple at the center of that particular posh NYC nuptials extravaganza I attended blessed their guests with small and elegant silver tins of mints that had the names and the date of the wedding printed atop labels on each tin – the kind of personalized favors you’d find at a site like My Bride Fairy – both practical, useful and yet so special all at the same time.


    Instead of eating my mints, I actually held on to them for a long time, proving the sentimentality that your guests might feel over the same objects, although it’s perfectly okay to eat the contents and save the container for the sake of nostalgia.


    Pretty, practical and useful


    The nice thing about these 21st century types of wedding favors is that they can marry practicality with beauty in one fell swoop. For instance, labels for water bottles, candy wrappers and other foodstuff containers can be personalized, providing each guest with a keepsake long after the ceremony is done – but most importantly, they grant another avenue for sustenance during the extended celebration. We all know what a taxing and delightfully overwhelming experience that some weddings can represent, so it never hurts to have extra water or sweets on hand to help revive stressed-out attendees.


    Even in the age of smartphone cameras in every hand, certain couples still love to offer their guests disposable cameras to help catch candid shots, therefore a personalized wedding favors bag could greet each one of your guests with a single-use camera inside each and printed instructions outside, directing partygoers to take lots of photos and then return the cameras to a designated location at the end of the wedding reception. Therefore, in addition to any photos of your wedding that you discover being shared on Facebook or Instagram, the disposable camera photos can still be used as another means of gaining digital photos you can receive after having them electronically processed by your local Walgreens or CVS branch.


    Besides, many inebriated guests might forget to upload the photos from their phones to a social sharing website – or mistakenly tag the images if they do indeed upload them. All these creative ways of using personalized wedding favors described above should place you once step closer to enjoying an epic and memorable event.

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