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    Posted September 22, 2014 by
    Titusville, Florida

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    T. A. L. IS BACK


    Again the director will shout on Sunday, 28, 2014 when Faust´s PRELUDE ON THE STAGE is about to happen:

    Welcome, dear Audience.
    Let me skip the personal welcome babble that all politicians do when the most important guests are addressed in person at the beginning. We would sit here for hours if I would greet all of high rank and of noble born caste in person.

    So I say: we are all artists, some don’t know they are, some will even deny they are, but all of the 21 sitting here will be noticed in time that they have been the second passing the barrier and stayed alive. Today, here and now, no one shall be mentioned, just the three flight attendants sitting on first places facing the abyss. Qnav What as technician, PatriciaAnne Daviau as “The Brave One” and Art Blue, who wrote this play.
    I must do it this way and skip the greetings as I see the world showing THE BLUE ELEPHANT is about to collide.

    Techie: Nothing collides until I have not pressed the region restart button.
    Artist: shut up! But don’t press!

    Then the play will become different from the 1st Grand Opening of the ROOM FERRISQUITO. The ANNOYING LIGHT will come from the future to us. To be exact from the year 2047. And the world will collide on the old code that is running in the processor. Only a hacker might help. Is there one able to correct the code written 35 years ago to prevent the termination of this world?

    We will follow the “Oh wow” steps of Steve Jobs. We will pass the barrier, hopefully as I shall remind everyone: It´s all experimental.

    Be punctual in Metropolis grid at sim Futurelab as the grid entrance is closing when the play begins.

    Check out the posting of Thirza Ember “Pings From The Afterlife” and contact her in facebook for an invite.

    You may ask how can I prepare myself to see what Steve Jobs, one of the first supporters of the young Art Blue, saw as he passed on October, 5, 2011 - and move safe back to this world I am in? Send an IM to Art Blue and listen until he answers to "State of the Union: I am a Radio Man" as the event will have a stream – in case the DJ will not poof again!


    After the performance, which will take about 35 minutes, the ROOM FERRISQUITO, made by Chance Acoustic aka Cath Cole, will be opened for the 2nd time in opensim, showing some early works of Bryn Oh. Bryn Oh exists purely as a fictional character in virtual worlds. It never happened before that a virtual identity was invited to have the first retrospective. It shall happen at the Arts & Algorithms show in Titusville, FL, USA [October 3-12, 2014].

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