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    Who taught you to love food?

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    My love of everything chocolate: hot chocolate, chocolate fountains and more


    I guess I can trace my love for chocolate back to my childhood, although I don’t remember my parents being huge fans of sweets. My mom, however, did satisfy our cravings for desserts by taking us to one particular Baskin-Robbins shop on 95th Street in Chicago in the Beverly section of the city with the famous “31 Flavors” subtitle, as it was called back in the 1970s.


    We went almost every weekend I could convince her to take us, and oftentimes when we got there, I would indulge in ice cream flavors that usually contained chocolate.


    That’s why nearly any party that’s a hit with me will most likely contain a tall and gleaming commercial chocolate fountain that’s flowing with plenty of tiers of the yummy concoction – and at the base of the machine would be a large assortment of fruits to hold under the stream. 


    In addition to the fountain, there could be a hot chocolate machine – especially during cold winter get-togethers wherein you want to warm up by wrapping your hands around a mug of the steaming stuff. Simply indulging in the practice of breathing in the hot vapors takes my imagination to years past.


    My love for hot chocolate became evident when I lived in California with my husband 14 years ago, and I was pregnant with our first child. I’d read that drinking coffee on a daily basis wasn’t necessarily good for your baby in utero, so I gave up that addiction and replaced my cups of coffee with Starbucks hot chocolate each day.


    I often tell my teenage son that story – letting him know that he came by his own love of sweets naturally because I believe I passed on all those sweet-loving genes to him before he was even born. There came a period whereby I’d eat a chocolate candy bar every day well before I’d thought of starting a family, back when I was still in my early 20s and building a career.


    Balancing out the chocolate habit with fruits and veggies


    The best thing I like about the idea of having those commercial chocolate fountains is that they provide the opportunity to have a sweet snack that can also be healthily balanced with fibrous fruits. Instead of just a big hot fudge sundae full of ice cream, dripping with chocolate and fluffy with whipped cream, a fountain enables you to pair a large strawberry, for instance, with the sweet melted chocolate – therefore you’d be getting a whole lot of fruit and not too much sugar.


    There are times that I’ll go for days without chocolate, so I’ll feel freer to indulge during other seasons when I know that I’ve abstained from the delectable delight. But either way, it’s a blessing to have a choice to stay away from whatever foods I choose to avoid for a time being, and then delve wholeheartedly back into the sweets when I feel the urging to do so.

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