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    Are you Ready: To Win, To Thrive, To Prosper, To Rise!


    In a world where self-doubt and pity run rampant, there lives a group of authors whose purpose is to enlighten you in the ways of self-love and success. They believe you can live a life beyond quiet desperation, waiting for success to find you. All you have to do is set aside your struggles, choose to embrace your gifts and talents, and decide to create a life that excites you. There are many ways to do this, but there are laws you must follow. This is The Art of Activation©, and these are the 24 Laws to Win, to Thrive, to Prosper, and to Rise. This book will change your life. Written by 24 remarkable authors that provide you with action steps to success, no matter what success looks like for you: success in business; attaining wealth, having loving and harmonious relationships; helping the less fortunate; or your personal health and wellness.


    Last night I was blessed to sit down with 3 of the contributing writers of the book: Lucinda Cross, Vanessa Cunningham, and Fatima Scipio. These women are truly phenomenal and activated, ready to save a life by birthing their testimony. Before we jump into the article, please allow me to introduce you to these activated sisters.


    Lucinda Cross:


    Lucinda graduated from Mercy College, is the best-selling author of The Road to Redemption and Corporate Mom Drop-Out. She is also a co-author for three other best-selling business and lifestyle books. She is also co-owner of the Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference and Expo and the standing room only Annual Activate Conference. Mrs. Cross has been featured on ABC, NBC, Black Enterprise, NY1, NY Daily News, Essence Magazine, Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Bethenny Show, WLIB the Al Sharpton Show, Black Star Web, Arise.tv, Dr. Oz, Hot 97, and over 100 internet talk radio shows and several blogs including Babble.com.


    Vanessa Cunningham

    Vanessa Cunningham is a Huffington Post contributor, nutrition & wellness expert of Unhealthy No More, Inc., best-selling author, writer and speaker. A graduate of Pace University, she also studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She helps busy professional women reduce stress, banish unhealthy cravings, lose weight and increase their energy levels. Through her one-on-one coaching programs, dynamic workshops and scintillating blog posts, she empowers her clients to thrive at work and in life. Her expert advice has also been featured on Essence, MommyNoire and MindBodyGreen.


    Fatima Scipio

    She began her career as a teacher in the New York City Public School system and is currently working in New Jersey, training social workers on how to empower children and families involved in the child welfare system. She is the CEO of Young Enterprising Sisters an entrepreneurial program for girls ages 8-17 that educates, empowers and energizes the next generation of business owners/entrepreneurs. She is the author of “Boss Lady” and the owner of a cleaning company. She has been featured on News12 New Jersey, Redbook magazine, Young Mogul Life Magazine, Newark Globally and CNN iReport.


    Do you believe me now!! I told you, Powerful, Entrepreneur, and Activated!! After hearing these ladies talk about their past, their present, and the book, I was completely blown away by their heart-felt honesty, courage, and passion. It is not easy to share your past experiences, whether it is embarrassing, abusive, or criminal in nature. But these women, along with many others, voiced a life to save a life….. Are you ready to be saved??? 

    How did this project began? Who came up with the idea of writing this book?


    Lucinda: The Art of Activation actually falls under my brand “Activate your life today”. So The Art of Activation is one of the many projects under “Activate”. The idea of this book is based on giving people real life stories, real life information that they can use to not only hear a story, but to see how you can overcome those obstacles and keep pushing! So I pulled in some fabulous women who were powerful, had a wonderful testimony, but who could give us some action steps and activate tips that we would use as tools in order to Win, to Thrive, to Prosper, and to Rise.


    Now Vanessa and Fatima, you are contributing writers in this book. What made you want to lend your pen and story to this publication?


    Vanessa ~ this is a healing project for myself and also, just to be able to encourage someone who is going through what I am going through. In the story, I talked primarily about being over-weight as a child and the negative feeling that came from that. I felt isolated and angry because I had nowhere to turn because the negativity came from my family. My parents did not come from an emotional family, so they were not emotional with us. So dealing with that and not having anyone to talk too, I hid those feelings and just decided to share my story with hopes of inspiring someone.


    Fatima ~ I had come in contact with Lucinda many years ago and have been following her “Activate” movement for some time now. So when I saw the opportunity to share a story, that I didn’t share with many people, I took the opportunity. In my story, I talk about being in a toxic relationship. Toxic meaning that I had this gentlemen who would feed me stories on how he loved me but his actions did not show that. I always have girls and women come up to me talking about their bad relationships and not really knowing how to work through them. There was a very difficult time in my life where I felt like I was depressed, all of my friends around me was getting married, so I started making up this relationship to make it be what I wanted it to be but it  wasn’t nothing good for me. So in my story, I give the reader my ultimate decision of deciding whether it was going to be him or me. A lot of women are going through that kind of situation either in a relationship or being in a career. We always have to make decisions, but most important I engage the reader to develop self-love to do the right thing for themselves and not let others dictate their fate.


    So Lucinda, what prompted you to publish this kind of publications with different women sharing their past and healing?


    My first moment of transparency was in my book, “Road to Redemption”, in which I give my own personal story of overcoming challenges. At the age of 18 years old, I was incarcerated in federal person serving a 4 ½ years sentence because of a decision I made. So being transparent with the people I come across and individuals I coach, they shared the need to tell their stories. Some of them were not ready to pen a whole book, but they knew it was time to share and heal, so I decided to give them that platform.  We had hundreds of people submit their stories to be considered as a contributing author in this book, but it was stories like Fatima’s and Vanessa’s that showed strength, victory, power and impact.


    Would you say that this book is considered Self-Help?


    I would label this book under Transformation, Personal Growth, and Professional Development


    Now, all of you ladies are Entrepreneurs. What made you get into the field of Entrepreneurship?


    Fatima ~ I honesty jumped into entrepreneurship because I needed money. I had to use my talents and gifts of poetry to help make money in order to fund my businesses and my family.


    Lucinda ~ I fell into entrepreneurship because when I had 2 small children the frustrations of going to work every day and not seeing or fully raising them truly hurt me. On the other hand, I wanted control over my income. I got tired of someone telling me how much I could make, when I could make it, and when I could get a promotion, I decided to take my destiny into my own hands in 2006 and here we are today.


    Vanessa ~ I fell into entrepreneurship because while working on Wall Street I worked an average of 12 to 14 hours a day, with a 3 hour commute and life was just passing me by. I wasn’t contributing to the world and I knew that God had something big and better for me. So one day I put in my resignation and left to start my own company.


    One thing I hear between you all is that you took risk, why do you think people don’t take that leap of faith to follow their dreams or to activate?


    Vanessa ~ It’s fear, when you leave a stable situation to jump into the unknown it’s scary. Some people don’t want to put in the work in order to get to where they want to go. People like the idea of what they see, but they don’t want to go through the obstacles to get there so they play it safe.


    Fatima ~ People don’t know how to properly plan their exit. Also, people don’t know where to go or find the help to make it work. Taking that lap of faith requires you to have a great team or support system, whether it’s your spouse or family.


    Lucinda ~ I was about to say that Fatima, not having that support stops people from dreaming, pursuing, and activating so it’s easy for people to fall back and say let me stay right here.


    What are some of the Laws that you are actually giving to the readers in the book?


    Each law features stories, anecdotes and lessons drawn from experiences that are both informative and entertaining. The Art of Activation is your guide to realizing that power and living a happier and more fulfilled life starts today. For example:


    Law # 3. Uphold Your Ideals: The world offers every opportunity and distraction to erode your beliefs, values and morals. Don’t give in and don’t give up. The key is to not lose sight of your beliefs, values and morals. Trust they will guide you through any and every situation. Strive to live up to your beliefs, values, and morals. This is where your full potential can be reached.


    Law # 4. Listen to Your Heart: Growth comes from the inside out. The heart never lies. Practice listening within. Listening will put you in tune with the things that are out of sync in your life. You will receive messages that will point the way. You will be guided through every decision you make in life and it will bring you peace. All you have to do is recognize and act on them.


    Law # 5. Just Be Yourself: As you embrace your authenticity don’t focus on what you don’t have and what you can’t do. Focus and immerse yourself on what you do have and what you can do. Spending your life wishing and wondering if things would have been different if you had a better education, or that you were taller, smarter, better looking or born into a different family doesn’t serve your future.


    Is the book available for purchase?


    The book was launched on September 20, 2014, but it will be released for sale on Monday September 29, 2014… We are going to be in every store, online and even international.


    What do you want to see happen in the lives of the people that read this book?


    Lucinda ~ I want people to stop procrastinating and using their past and pain as a stumbling block. When they finish this book I want them to not say, I can do it, but I am doing it. I want them to in their becoming mode and not focusing on who they were when they first started reading.


    Fatima ~ Forget about fear, and let’s have some faith!


    Vanessa ~ I want people to really embrace their genius and not to suffer in silence and to talk about things!

    Is it going to be a part 2 to the Art of Activation, is this going to be a series, are you going to find 24 new women to keep the transformation going? 


    There is going to be a part 2, but right now we are working on a docu-series, we want our readers to see and hear the stories as the writers go through and teach them, master class on video. We are turning this into a film. We are actually in the process of starting our campaign to raise funds for that.


    Do you have any book signings coming up so that people can come out and meet you?


    October 4, 2014 from 3pm to 5pm at The Spa at Westgate (Westgate Mall in Bethleham, Pennsylvania)


    October 12, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm at Rotten to the Core Kids Spa (St. Charles Waldrof Mall in Waldorf, Maryland)


    We have more book signings coming up, please go to http://www.theartofactivation.com/about-art-of-activation-book/

    After finishing up this interview, I became empowered and ready to activate because tomorrow is truly not promised and today is the day where we can make the greatest impact. I want to encourage all of you to go out and get this book, support this movement, activate, step out on faith, and heal. Your life is what you make it and the direct result of the choices you accept….. so if you are ready to change, Let Lucinda Cross and her powerful team help you activate your life TODAY!!!!

    Your testimony can save someone’s light from going out!! It’s time to speak up and activate…..

    Are you Ready???

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