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    Posted October 3, 2014 by

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    You CAN hit the 'Reset' button on life

    For everything, there is a time and a season. Some of us are fighting the desire for change out of fear of failure, disappointing others, or fear of change itself. But you can't deny when you know you are entering a new season. When the sun starts to warm your earth, you can't keep that winter coat on and feel content. This is an opportunity to be free, to step into the sunshine. This is an opportunity to embrace what you are capable of, what your next life's chapter has in store for you. Don't let fear keep you from the blessings!

    Find contentment in living a fulfilled life.

    If we run from change, we miss out on personal growth, accomplishment and contentment. This is the life you were given. If you aren't content in it, make a change! Maybe for you, this means prioritizing. Maybe you realize, after pursuing a corporate ladder that other people are now what's most important and you need to put aside those other things so that you can flourish in what matters to you most. You can only fail. But failure is easier to live with than discontentment in not trying at all.

    You can also succeed....

    Imagine a world where Mother Theresa decided to work at a grocer, instead of leaving for Ireland in pursuit of her passion for missions. We all have passions. Often times, those passions may not be easily understood by others. But some of the greatest accomplishments have come from stepping out in faith in pursuit of a vision only they themselves could see. Sometimes, we are supposed to be a world changer right from the grocery store. But sometimes, we ARE supposed to start an orphanage in Calcutta.

    Make your hours count - all 24 of them, not just what you have left after you leave the office.

    One day, you will be old. You'll want to be able to say of yourself 'I made a difference in these lives' instead of saying 'I provided consistent balance to financial transactions.' If, what you are passionate about is investing in others, don't settle for anything else.

    How do you know if it's time to make a change?

    If you look up and realize that what you're doing doesn't satisfy, that's the time to reevaluate. God gave you a life to thrive - not just to survive. I also believe that if you ARE destined to do something great - even if it might seem impossible - God can make your present circumstances uncomfortable in order to get you moving in the right direction. If you are in front of your life right now asking what can you do with your life that will actually matter - and an old crazy idea from your youth comes back to mind - it might just be a sign.

    We aren't all given an equal amount of wealth. But some things are more valuable than money, time being one of them. We are all given the same 24 hours. How are you going to spend yours?
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