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    Posted October 9, 2014 by
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    Movie Heroes Are Coming to Save a Theatre Near You

    Matt Sconce and Keith Walker are kind of like Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Two life-long friends that grew up together then teamed up their talents to become an unstoppable force in the entertainment world. Only, instead of creating “South Park”, Matt and Keith created an ingenious plan to save the dying breed of independent movie theatres across the US and ultimately around the world.

    What started them on this noble mission was the closing of the local theatre that had nurtured their own love of film while growing up in Oakhurst, California. No longer able to afford to keep it running, the former owners were forced to close the theatre in November 2012 - a pre-holiday blow that shocked the entire community. Matt, Keith and their other childhood friend, James Nelson, decided together they would somehow save the theater and essentially, their town. They came up with the perfect plan to offer a subscription-based theater membership for $19.95/month that would allow members unlimited movies and the option to buy individual tickets for their guests as well. It was enough to convince the owners to let them give it a go and so their company, Movies Heroes was born.

    But adding to the suspense and true to the action hero movie form, Movie Heroes had to save the theatre by selling 3000 subscriptions with a 30-day clock ticking like a time bomb. It was the month of December, right when everyone was busy with the holiday season no less. But determined, the Movie Heroes flew into action launching a massive campaign; social media, signs posted along the streets, canvassing door to door, cold calling and any other tactic they could think of to get members on board. “It literally came down to the wire, it was New Year’s Eve and we still hadn’t met our quota but we worked relentlessly until we finally had our 3000th member sign up at 8 pm that night. We definitely had had reason to celebrate the New Year after that”, Matt recalls.

    But, Keith explains that it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing from there. “The first major obstacle was gaining the trust of the major movie studios in order to do business with them. We really made a point to build our relationship with them and we even installed cameras to audit the attendance, whatever we could do to prove that we’re the good guys. Once they saw our attendance was six times the national average, everyone was happy.”

    Now, their first run home town theater is not only grossing double the revenue, Movie Heroes has saved three other theatres that are reporting record results of 120%, 69% and 57% actual revenue increases in the last year. Not surprisingly, Movie Heroes has also been getting lots of attention as well and in addition to media coverage from ABC, CBS, FOX, Slashdot, NPR, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Fresno Bee and the Los Angeles Times, they were also invited by the National Association of Theatre Owners to speak at the major annual Cinema Con conference held in Las Vegas this summer. With the event being a huge success, now thousands of theatres from around the world are interested in adapting the Movie Heroes model.

    Certainly enough to rival the attention that Quentin Tarantino has also been getting for his similar effort to save his own childhood theatre, (The New Beverly Cinema), Matt and Keith say that although haven’t yet crossed paths with Tarantino they would love to join forces with their ultimate movie hero to save more theatres.

    In the meantime, they’ve been busy making movies when they’re not busy saving the theatres to venue them. With Matt being an award winning director/writer/filmmaker himself and Keith being the master engineer behind the operation, Movie Heroes are a cinematic force to be reckoned with.

    To find out more about Movie Heroes, go directly to their website at www.movieheroes.com

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